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Xiaomi Acquired Autonomous Driving Company DeepMotion

Xiaomi has acquired the autonomous driving company DeepMotion (Deep Motion Technology). As media says, DeepMotion may integrate a team of more than 20 people into Xiaomi, which will help Xiaomi initially increase its technological accumulation in the field of autonomous…

Xiaomi, OPPO and VIVO Are Close To Build Cars

Xiaomi car

Xiaomi is getting closer and closer to building a car! Just this morning, media reported that Xiaomi is expected to establish a car project in April as soon as possible, focusing on technological attributes and positioning in the high-end market.…

Huawei In-Car Smart Screen Released

Huawei In-Car Smart Screen

At the Huawei’s new product launch conference for the whole house smart and smart screens held this afternoon, Huawei officially released the Huawei In-Car Smart Screen. It claims that you can experience smart travel without changing the car. The Huawei…