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Happymodel Snapper 7 first look: Blast to fly

The Happymodel Snapper 7 is a 75 mm tiny whoop style drone. It is a blast to fly, mostly in part to its powerful 0802 19,000 KV brushless motors. It may not have the name recognition of the Mobula 7, Tinyhawk or Trashcan but it is definitely worth a look. If you are like me and you enjoy a good brushless whoop then you’ll want to take a look at the Snapper 7.

HBX68 review: Tinywhoop with 2S power

The HBX68 is a super light and small Tinywhoop that will fly on 2S power. It measures just 68 mm from the motor to motor and weighs in at 25.6 grams. If you want a small and lightweight quad for flying indoors then this definitely is worth taking a look at. It is smaller than the popular Tinyhawk, Trashcan and Mobula 7 but slightly larger than the typical 65 mm whoop. Has HB found the sweet spot? Let’s take a closer look.

iFlight CineBee 75HD – Cinewhoops is legit!

I love flying FPV and in particular, I prefer flying micros to full-size quads. They are smaller and draw less attention to them. I can fly around the park and people won’t give me the evil eye. Cinewhoops are my newest favorite flavor of a quad. I can do a lot of the same fun maneuvers but I can capture it all in high definition. The iFlight Cinebee 75HD is a 75 mm version and is a lot of fun to fly. Keep reading to learn more.