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At the end of June last year, Xiaomi finally updated its long-dormant tablet line, which had earlier been removed from the category of “tablets” at Xiaomi’s official mall, but now the launch of Xiaomi tablet 4 is really surprising.

Price without coupon: $319.99
Coupon ($255.03): BG02CDS
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Xiaomi 4 plus tablet computer size is 10.1 inch, uses 16:10 screen scale, the resolution is 1920×1200, IPS screen material

Part of the tablet has a front camera (5 million pixels) to support AI face recognition, next to a light sensor that adjusts in real-time according to the brightness of the surrounding environment

There is an oval “button” at the bottom of the tablet, which integrates fingerprint identification and touch functions, and is convenient for daily use after being accustomed to operation.

The tablet’s back case is made of metal and looks good, but it feels a little cold in winter.

The rear camera is 13 million pixels, the imaging effect is general, there is no bright spot, the camera body protrudes from the fuselage, there are volume control and power switch entity keys on the side of the tablet computer, the key twist surface is smooth, there is no grain.


After entering the system interface, the system isn’t actually different from the mobile phone operation, but the screen is a little larger.

As far as the configuration of the whole machine is concerned (Snapdragon 660mm 4G memory + 64G storage), except that the memory is less than that of the mobile phone, it is basically the same.

The screen resolution of 1080p, generally using the sense of granularity is not obvious, unless we look closely and carefully to find that we usually use a certain distance, so we don’t have to worry too much about this problem.


Generally speaking, if you play a game, you will consume 10% of the electricity in an hour. If you watch the video and browse the web, you will consume less power. There is no problem with running for ten hours in a row. You can actually charge it using the original 5V=2A charging head. Charging from 15% to 100% takes four and a half hours.


In terms of performance, the aspect of daily brushing web pages and watching videos works relatively well, but it is also smooth and sensitive.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus LTE

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Price without coupon: $319.99
Coupon ($255.03): BG02CDS
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