360 C50 Intelligent Vacuum Robot Cleaner offered for $169.99

The company called 360 is no stranger to the robotic vacuum cleaner market, as they are already past quite a few successful series and are about to bring the Xiaomi level, which is no small word. So far, they have only had a high-end machine, but now they are launching the C50, which will be a specifically low-end machine. What first appears in the 360 C50 press release is that neither a camera nor a Lidar sensor is on the machine, so we have to give up mapping. Or maybe not? Although the pictures show some kind of floor plan in the app, it is repeatedly described that this is not the reality. So we better not expect that. Regardless, he tries to clean intelligently because he can move in zigzags and ‘spot cleaning’ also goes for him, but he cleans up most of it with random movement. What we wouldn’t expect from such a low-end stuff to be able to wash up , it still got this feature.

With a 2600 mAh battery , it can run for up to two hours, which is no small power, although it’s probably not known for the highest suction power of 2600 Pa . If you start to run low, you will of course find your own dock on your own.

Classic Configuration
Classic round pure white design, simple atmosphere, fit the home aesthetic, and integrate with furniture.
Equipped with a moisture-proof pad, placed under the charging stand, that is, the place where the sweeper stands by, so as to avoid the floor from being wet for a long time and damaging the wooden floor.

The most important parameters can be set through the app. We know the machine to time , elect the suction power and even remote control can also though to give a special remote control is used for this purpose. You can wash it in 3 stages , we can also choose this through the app. For the time being, the entry-level model is in pre-order promotion, so we can have ours for HUF 53,000 .

Guaranteed Technology

 If you want a really smart vacuum cleaner, you have to ring almost twice that price, but the Xiaomi Vacuum mop is also a much smarter robot , which is about 71,000 forints. 360 sweeping machine technology is mature, and more than ten series of lidar sweeping machines are on the market. C50 is a 360 low-end inertial sweeper product developed by the 360, which is more suitable for low-end consumer groups.

Where to buy The 360 C50 Intelligent Vacuum Robot Cleaner

The 360 C50 Intelligent Vacuum Robot Cleaner is available on Gearbest for just $169.99

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