360 D819 AI Face Recognition WiFi Smart Video Doorbell Offered for $89.99

Technology is starting to become more and more accessible in every area of ??everyday life, so the opportunities for our… ninjas are… more and more! A brand new smart bell has come out with many useful features like night vision camera, face recognition or motion detector, and its price is not that bad. Let’s see how the new 360 D819 can!

360 D819 smart bell

The 360 ??is not such a well-known brand, but anyone who reads us knows that they make pretty good vacuum cleaners and other household appliances. Expand the lineup with this clever bell, which is available for an introductory price of only $ 89.99

One of the most important components of the gadget is, of course, the camera, which records in Full HD with a 162-degree viewing angle and also has infrared LEDs for night-time viewing. This lets you see who’s in front of your door, whether at home or away from your home, in real time. In addition, it has a security camera feature, when the device detects motion, it sends a notification to your phone and a short video so you can see what happened right away. You can store your footage locally on a Micro SD card, but obviously this wouldn’t be as secure, so data is transferred to a cloud storage space that can hold 48 hours of material at a time

In addition to the videos, of course, the machine also records audio, and there are two ways of communication, that is, we can talk through our phone to those who are in front of our door (even when we are not at home).

The 360 D819 smart bell is completely cordless, powered by a 5000 mAh battery, which promises a 6-month standby time. And of course, communication is via WiFi.

There is also a malfunction detector feature that alerts us when someone tries to remove the bell and gives a loud signal like an alarm.

One of the coolest innovations is Face Detection using artificial intelligence. If someone often comes to see us, whether a family member or a friend, we can tell the system who it is, so we can later identify whether a friend or stranger is at the door, and this information is saved, of course, so you can look back at who was in the apartment (or in front of our door).

360 D819 demonstration video and ordering options

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K57YWRXuMUg?feature=oembed]

 It is currently available on Gearbest for just $89.99. click the link below to get this amazing device 

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