360 S6 Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner now for just $329.99

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360 automatic cleaner

360 S6 Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a robotic and chargeable house cleaning and sweeping machine specially designed to help you out in your cleaning work. So, the product is really of great use and we often require it for sweeping purposes.

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360 automatic cleaner

Some fabulous features of 360 S6 Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

  • The robotic vacuum cleaner layout the cleaning route very intelligently. It uses SLAM algorithm technology. Further, the LDS sensors make it smart to detect the household articles in the room and then works zigzag in the location to clean it without any corner left.
  • Further, it works smartly without damaging your furniture. It has multiple sensors to detect your furniture and pass neatly around the furniture.
  • The 360 S6 Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is fully self-protected. It will not fall down from the stair while sweeping it. Its 3 cliff detect sensors embedded at the bottom make it smart to work uninterruptedly.
  • Moreover, you no need to put it on the charger manually. It does the charging itself. The 360 S6 Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can work continuously for up to 2 hours. After the battery reduced to 20%, it goes back to the charging point automatically. After getting the full battery, it resumes its work until the work is completed.

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360 automatic cleaner
  • In addition, it is easy to prevent it from entering the forbidden areas. The 360 vacuum cleaner smartly detects its boundaries and you can operate it via a mobile app.
  • Similarly, when it detects the carpet on the floor, it enhances its cleaning power up to 1500Pa for deep cleaning. Otherwise, you can also set the carpet area as a forbidden zone from your mobile app.

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360 automatic cleaner

Hence, you have seen so many features and benefits of this automatic robotic vacuum cleaner. Order now at the following link:


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