Aiibot Robot Intelligent Sensors Vacuum Cleaner now for $110

Aiibot promises to manufacture and offer high-quality home and kitchen alliances. This time, the company has brought a smart and intelligent home cleaning device at a reasonable price tag. It is the Aiibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner to come with 3 specialized cleaning modes and strong suction power.

Furthermore, the Aiibot Vacuum Cleaner adopts an ABS material body and provides dual colors options – black and white. It ensures long-time working with a high-performing battery and gives 800 PA suction power.

The smart vacuum cleaner installs 3-stage cleaning system to remove tiny dust particles like pet hair, dust, allergens, and dander etc. Similarly, the cleaning machine offers smart sensor navigation, which can draw a perfect working path for intelligent cleaning.

For ultra-fine functionality, the Vacuum Cleaner has a DC brush motor and also features a 200 ML capacity bin.

Overall, the Aiibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an efficient tool to give you a perfect and quality house cleaning.

Features and Specifications

Design and Build

Externally, the Aiibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner looks a simple and straight device with a round-shaped body. The color choices for the users are – black and white.

Inside, the machine covers a DC brushed motor along with an 850 mAh battery. Similarly, it has 2 side brushes, a secondary HEPA filter, 200 ML bin and 0.5L dust box capacity etc. The body is made of ABS material.

The physical dimensions of the vacuum cleaner are 340x143x340 mm and net weight is 1.8kg.


For power, the Aiibot Robot Cleaner has an 850 mAh 14.4V battery. It takes around 180-300 minutes of charging time and gives 40 to 60 minutes of cleaning time.


Similarly, the 18W DC Brush motor provides 800 PA suction power. It will produce maximum noise at 72 dB.

Working Modes

The vacuum cleaner follows three working modes – Random Mode, Automatic Mode and Edge Mode.

It will facilitate the cleaner to work smartly without causing damage to your furniture and other household articles.

Navigation System

To ultrafine cleaning, the Aiibot Vacuum Cleaner adopts a smart navigation sensor system to plan the routes of the areas to clean. Ultimately, it will give you overall cleaning without leaving any corner in your home.

Additional Features

Additionally, the Aiibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner has anti-collision and anti-fall capability, HEPA filter for air purification, 3-stage cleaning system, 200ML bin and 0.5L dust capacity, remote control, and various among other features.


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