Buy The Alfawise A8X Android 9.0 3D TV BOX For $31.99: A 4K Video Entertainment

Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular, but not every TV has 4K playback functions, or can be upgraded through app installation or has limited other capabilities. So if you’d like to stream your favorite movies and TV series online or from local storage, a TV Box is a must-buy

Playback capabilities

Alfawise makes really solid electronic equipment available at a good price and Alfawise A8X, although belonging to budget devices, has quite efficient hardware. Compared to the previous version, the A8X has a faster RK3328 chipset that has dedicated movie playback and encoding features. This is definite upgrade over outdated RK3229 or Amlogic S905W used by other manufacturers, even by Xiaomi. This is the most important thing in TV boxes because it enables smooth movie playback in 4K as well as support for many types of codecs. Potentially you can even watch videos in 60 frames per second, using HDCP 2.2 and with dynamic HDR effects for dazzlingly good image quality.

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It is also worth noting, that the A8X runs on Android 9.0 and this is probably the first TV box that supports this latest iteration of the operating system. The available internal memory is only 16 GB, so we highly suggest adding a memory card (also available inexpensively on the Gearbest) or connecting an external USB drive for more space. Android 9.0 allows you to install virtually any app, so you can watch Netflix, Showmax, HBO Go or other VOD services without restrictions. There is also the possibility of playing games on the big screen, either taken from Google Play store, or by emulating video games consoles. It will be necessary to connect an external controller, also via USB or Bluetooth.


Two video outputs allow you to connect this TV box to a TV, monitor or projector. You get here a fast HDMI 2.0, necessary for 4K playback and standard AV, used in older TV sets. The device connects to the Internet using a LAN cable connection or a fast 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz dual-channel WiFi network. Two USB ports provide the option to connect peripherals, and the memory card slot will increase the amount of available disk space.

Alfawise A8X

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Other features

Despite strong hardware, the A8X is really a miniature TV box that almost fits in your hand. You can easily hide it even in a limited space under the TV. It is enclosed in a glossy, black housing, and the LED with breathing effect changes color depending on the operating mode. The manufacturer thought about different markets, so you can choose from European, British or American power plug.

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In conclusion

This inexpensive TV box contains everything that an enthusiast of movies and TV series can expect, turning your television into a true home entertainment center. It has better hardware compared to the previous version and is the first TV box that works under the latest Android. Regardless of whether you’re planning to watch videos, play games or listen to music, the A8X will serve you well. Another instant hit from Alfawise!

Where to buy?

Alfawise A8X is available on Gearbest at a promotional price of $3199.. Click the link below to shop it now and enjoy your movies!

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