Alfawise E202 Touchscreen Fingerprint Smart Lock for just $129.99

Alfawise has launched a perfect security system to prevent theft and entrance of an unauthorized person. The Alfawise E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock is beautifully designed to provide overall security features in various smart and intelligent modes.

The Black-colored smart lock is embraced with multiple safety features to make you worry-free about your homes’ safety concerns. It uses 5 methods to unlock your home door and hence provides a great sense of safety to the homeowners.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

Further, the Alfawise E202 fingerprint smart lock is best for our homes, offices and any other commercial locations. You will get assured guarantee of security against theft, burglary and any other unpleasant activities.

The mobile app-based smart lock will assure you of the perfect protection and safeguards against unwanted people. It is almost impossible to break its security key for unauthorized persons because it incorporates a wide range of smart technologies to make your home fully-protected.

Features and Specifications of Alfawise E202 Fingerprint Smart Lock:

Design and Color

A beautiful safety smart lock has a curvy and sleek design which makes it capable to attract the eyes. The only Black color is controlling its color variations and making it an outstanding outlook and elegant attraction.

Moreover, the Alfawise E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock offers durable support for all kinds of doors and makes a perfect combination with its Black color match. Thereafter, your room will not be looking odd or unpleasant in the context of the design and color of this fingerprint smart lock. It is fully suitable for all sorts of home decorations.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

Multiple Unlocking Ways

Alfawise E202 is one of the best and important features for which E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock is known for. This lock is well-developed considering multiple safety measures against every unpleasant incident that can take place in the present time. You have 5 different security methods to use for unlocking the door like password support, RFID card, mechanical key, Fingerprints, and mobile app support etc.

Strong Password Protection

The manufacturer has built up 5 types of unlocking ways to make it safer and stronger. First, Alfawise E202 has a small touch screen with 0 to 9 numbers written on it. This is for password use. Select your favorite and secret password and enter it while unlocking the door. It works just like our smartphone screen lock. In addition, you also have the facility to change your password any time you need to change. The numeric keypad has a backlit to make it useful in the night. Press any key to light up your keypad.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

RIFD Card Unlocking System

You can use RIFD card to unlock your E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock. It is a quite easy process. Just place your card in front of the number screen. It will detect it automatically and grant you access to enter the home. It takes just a fraction of second to unlock your door using RIFD card. Hence, you no need to put the key in the hole. Make your unlocking easier and fast and enjoy better safety features.

Mobile App Control

The third way of unlocking the door is very powerful and attractive. You can control your door lock via a mobile app. The Alfawise E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock supports a mobile app named ‘Tuya’ for both IOS and Android mobile phone users. Just install the app on your smartphone and control your home safety remotely.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

Alfawise E202 will work over a WIFI network and grants you access to monitor all the activities happened with your door. Further, it provides you with the facility to open your door while lying on your bed via this mobile app. You will also be able to track who and when try to unlock the door in your absence. Thus, the mobile app security feature will give you overall protection and safety against threats.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

Fingerprint Safety protection

In this context, the fingerprint is also a great security key with this smart lock. The Alfawise E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock will save your fingerprint as a password. Now only the authorized person can unlock it using his or her fingerprints. Just place your thumb on the handle and it will detect your fingerprints to grant you the access. The process will take only 0.3 seconds to open your door.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

Most important thing is that it is eligible to store not only the fingerprints of a single person; it can save the fingerprints of up to 100 persons. Therefore, you will enjoy a brilliant and trouble-free security feature using your fingerprints as an unlock key.

Mechanical Key Support

The Alfawise E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock will also allow you to unlock your door using a simple mechanical key as usual. You will get a two-key set along with this smart lock and use any of it if you are not interested in remembering passwords etc.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock


Alfawise Company has made the Alfawise E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock operational on 4 pieces AAA removable batteries. While installing the lock, you have to put in the batteries and the lock will start functioning. You will not get these batteries in the pack and you have to buy them of your own. Surprisingly, the battery life will last for up to 365 days. Hence, no need to change your batteries quite often and enjoy amazing safety protections for your home uninterruptedly.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

Emergency Charging Facility

Here Alfawise E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock will give you additional feature for emergency cases. Suppose your batteries are low and need to change, but you have no time to go to the market to buy the new batteries. Do not panic at all as you have a micro USB charging port to make your smart lock alive forever. Just plug in your charger and unlock your lock in an emergency.

Weather-proof Functionality

The stainless steel made Alfawise E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock is fully safe and secure in all weather conditions. Be it a rainy season or sunshine, the smart lock is durable to serve you for years. Moreover, Aluminum Alloy is easy to clean and cannot be easily affected by rust. Weather-sealed components prevent dust to enter and allowing it to work in all weathers.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

Smart Centralized Control System

The smart lock offers a fully centralized control system. This security feature is very useful in hotels, rental rooms, and apartments. You can spread temporary passwords via routers and computers to grant temporary access to your known persons.

One-Button Reverse Control System

This feature will allow you to prevent entries from outside in your bedrooms, study room or rental room. The smart lock Alfawise E202 is having a single button to reverse your unlocking configurations. Just press it once and you it will reverse your unlocking positions.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

Stainless Steel Anti-Collision Body

The smart lock Alfawise E202 is made of stainless steel and its anti-collision body is fully electroplated and rustproof. Moreover, it has a two-way anti-smashing deadbolt, custom anti-lock jack, and anti-collision deadbolt technologies.

Best for All Types Doors

The Alfawise E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock is well adjustable for all kinds of doors of 40 to 100 mm thickness. You will have convenient installation process with all doors.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock

Suitable for both hands

The smart lock Alfawise E202 is available for both left and right hands. Just check your requirements while purchasing the product.

ALfawise E202 Fingerprint lock


The fully-featured smart lock is available just for $129.99 after 14% off. Click the link below to buy it from Gearbest:

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