Alfawise H100 presenter pen is now available for just $29.99

Alfawise is a very large company for making products. Now a day’s this is at the peak of modern industry and also awarded by different international awards. This company makes a product which products are required in every person’s life. Alfawise H100 is a durable product and this is launched in market a few days ago. Alfawise H100 is a remote like product which is also known as H100 wireless presenter pen PPT controller pointer. H100 is a small and thin product. It is of very lightweight and the design & pattern combination of the main body is very sleek and attractive. This wireless presenter pen is available in many colors. You can choose any of them according to nature and need.

Alfawise company makes other many products, such products which are very using full in your daily life. Alfa wise company makes projectors and other products. Now this company design Alfawise H100 wireless presenter pen. Alfa wise company is growing at a very fast rate. Alfa wise company’s all products are provided with very good and latest feature and at a reasonable price. This Alfawise H100 is moreover used fully in offices, colleges and schools etc according to its need.

This presenter pen is working in a very simple way. Anyone can handle this H100 presenter pen very easily. Functions and shape of this presenter pen are very classic and attractive. Rather than using a stick for presentation, it gives a good impression on the viewer and also suits your personality.

Design – 

Alfawise H100 is a smart project of this company and this also does smart work in a very simple and easy way. This product is designed in such a way that it is safe for your eyesight. The laser used in this product is modified and do not emit any radiation means it is totally safe and well tested. Alfawise H100 pen highlights every point on the screen and simply magnifies it. Magnify mode is also available in H100 presenter pen which increases the highlighting power of the product.

This wireless pen has an alarm system. This system alarms you at any instant of time and also helps you to complete the presentation on time. You can set alarm easily and also put it on vibrate mode. Alfawise H100 has digital laser mode. During working you never get confused and also increase your presenting ability while using this H100 pen. Alfa wise wireless pen is built U disk and control all motions of H100.

This product lives to capture your audience’s attention and also attracts them and increase their concentration on the topic. Alfawise H100 has a very sleek body and the product is also known for its durability. This is also the smart home product. The battery of wireless pen built-in- Li-ion and power of the battery is 200mAh.

Feature and functions – 

This product is manufactured by Alfawise and is model number H100. Alfa wise makes their products in such a way that their features and functions are very easy to handle for everyone. There is U disk which the receiver has a built-in TF card slot (the card is a large capacity U disk). This means no need to take tension of presentation because you can easily use the TF card and give the presentation. Timing vibration reminder feature is very rare and also not available in other products in the market, but Alfa wise has timing reminder feature in Alfawise H100 presenter pen at a very low price. With timing reminder, you can check the remaining time at any time with one click to complete presentation or project on the time. You can easily move the slides forward or backward without changing your position.


Alfawise H100 have three kinds of digital scenes to win the laser head. This laser head sense control and does not harm the eyes. The first intelligent anti-lost function no longer loses the receiver. Also, have a somatosensory control with prejudgment and anti-shake algorithm makes the scene movement extremely smooth without any lag feeling. Presenter pen has a digital display, which increases the utility of Alfawise H100. Also, the system state is more-clear by checking the data on the digital screen. Spotlight system and dynamic background mode are also provided to present the project in a better manner.

The battery is very powerful and long-lasting. The battery used in this product is known for their durability. The Alfawise H100 presenter pen is a good product which is also economically suitable for everyone. The battery is 200mAh built-in Li-ion for long time use and quick charge. Distance is 20m without blocking of presenter pen. For fully charged just need this 1 hour and wireless frequency of presenter pen is 2.4 – 2.4835GHz. All features and functions are work properly and can help you in handling the product.

Specification –  

Alfa wise company introduces its new product wireless presenter pen H100. This is a type of remote system. Alfa wise H100 product weight is 0.0480 kg and product size is 13.00 x 3.50 x 2.00 cm / 5.12 x 1.38 x 0.79 inches. The product comes with smooth edges. Product weight also varies according to product items. The Alfa wise H100 package weight is 0.1040 kg and package size of presenter pen is 14.70 x 5.50 x 3.70 cm / 5.79 x 2.17 x 1.46 inches.

Package content –

In this package one wireless presentation pen H100. One data cable comes with presenter pen and one nylon box is provided. This presenter H100 is like remote or toy which gives good look to your table. This product has only three buttons to handle the screen of projectors. This presenter pen provides you edge mode and auto mode. This H100 pen is awesome as well as perfect in all others functions.

Review – 

According to the work of wireless presenter pen, the Alfa wise H100 is a very good product as compare to another pointer available in the market. Now day presenter pen is using at many places for handle the screen of the projector like in offices, colleges, schools, institutes etc. It satisfies both the viewer and teacher or employ. Alfa wise is one of the leading and suitable brands in the market. The powerful battery is attached with this presenter pen so you can use this battery for the long term without any disturbance.

This product is very charming and delights. You can attach this product with projectors and also very simple and easy handle. For company work, it is a great tool to present the data in a better way. The key points are clear and the magnifying power of the pointer makes everything easy. This pointer comes with spotlight mode which means you make your ppt alive and the size of the spotlight can freely be adjusted. Its design is very good and it suits everyone personality.

Also, the pen pointer H100 provides you another mode i.e. with a dynamic background. This helps you to give your presentation in a brief format and gives you the opportunity to explore the presentation easily and with a better description. It is best for a modern man. Many business tycoons use the pointer to present the projects and that’s why they are at the top because by using this you easily interact with the viewers. The projector pointer pen is very cheap and durable. It increases the working and explaining the efficiency of a person. So if you work in an office buy it immediately to get success in your life.

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