Alfawise H6S vacuum cleaner is now available for just $39.99

Alfawise provides household solutions including home electronics, home improvement and kitchen appliances to increase your home living. Now company designed Alfawise H6S vacuum cleaner which comes with HEPA filtration.

Alfawise H6S vacuum cleaner

Feature and Specification of Alfawise H6S Handheld Vacuum cleaner:

H6S vacuum cleaner comes with crevice nozzle, brush, hose and rubber head for dry and wet use. This is easily reaches to the hard-to-reach areas such as the gap or top of your furniture or car. This has 500ml large dust box with 150ml water capacity box which sucks easily water and other liquid. And you can easily check and empty this large dust box. During use it does 75dB noise which don’t irritates to you or other person. The input voltage is 100-240V, 50 / 60 Hz and output voltage is DC 18V, 500mA. It’s 3.27 lbs and ergonomically designed which help you escape from fatigue clean.


It looks like a grown-up crumb vacuum cleaner and this is very light in weight which helps you in many ways. Vacuum cleaner is made of ABS material. This vacuum cleaner can sucks wet and dry dust particles. Design includes dustbin, filter, HEPA and other accessories. H6S vacuum cleaner is a wireless design which is more convenient to use. This wireless vacuum cleaner is easily fit in your car trunk or you can adjust at any corner of your house.

Alfawise H6S vacuum cleaner


The handheld vacuum cleaner gives you smooth working. The working power of the device is 100W. Suction power of the H6S vacuum cleaner is 7000Pa which is ultra-big, 2-3 times more powerful than common handheld vacuum cleaners in the market.

Triple filer system-

This includes triple filter system: Cyclone filtration to separate large rubbish and hair, the second is highly efficient HEPA to remove 99 per cent micro dust and 1 motor outlet sponge to avoid secondary pollution. These filter system gives great sanitation of your house, office, car etc. After use the vacuum cleaner you can wash the filter system which is easy to detach and clean.


Battery equipped with Lithium-ion 2200mAh rechargeable battery. The working time of the battery is 25 minutes on single charge. Vacuum cleaner battery takes 3 – 4 hours charging time. During charge vacuum cleaner gives safety to the battery from temperature protection, input voltage protection, input current protection and from short circuit protection.

You can buy Alfawise H6S handheld vacuum cleaner from online website.

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