Alfawise L10 Smart Video Doorbell is now available for just $39.99

Alfawise provides household solutions including home electronics, home improvement and kitchen appliances to increase your home living. Now company launches Alfawise L10 Smart Video Doorbell with new features.

Feature & Specification of Alfawise L10 video Doorbell:

L10 video doorbell is compatible with Android and IOS operating system. For increase storage you can insert Micro SD card up to 32GB. This built with CMOS sensor with 1.4 inches. Video doorbell powered by HiSilicon Hi3518EV200 ARM926 440-MHz high speed video co-processor. During work the noise of the device is very low which don’t disturb you.

Alfawise L10 Smart Video Doorbell


The video doorbell is made from plastic and this is a waterproof. The deign built with wake-up modes: Doorbell button wake-up, PIR detection wake-up and Mobile phone active wake-up.

Alfawise L10 Smart Video Doorbell Camera-

Camera protects your home around the clock. The camera captures images day and night clearly. Meanwhile get everything nearby in the picture for better security. Camera equipped with 720P high resolution which is best to shoot sharp videos. This has 166 degree wide angles can shoot the video proper and camera built with 10m super night vision with camera capture video at night easily. Camera gives you free video calls convenient for anyone to get in touch with you.

In addition IP camera function gives best performance. This has Backlight compensation, motion detection, night vision, real time video capture and recording, Remote control. 

3 Recording Modes-

Alfawise L10 smart video doorbell integrated with 3 recording modes which makes your life very easy about your home protection. This includes motion detection, button triggered and manual recording. With these recording modes you can record any visits according to your needs.  

Alfawise L10 Smart Video Doorbell Loop recording-

Loop recording to replace the old video clips with the latest ones automatically. This recording is suitable for memory of video doorbell. With the loop recording video memory don’t fill quickly.


This has wireless connection for connecting. It includes Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n which is best for connecting with your smart phone easily and Wi-Fi gives 15m w/o distance. After connecting you can watch camera live video or old video in your smart phone.

Alfawise L10 Smart Video Doorbell Battery-

The L10 smart video doorbell contains 2 x 18650 battery capacity. This battery is no need to charge for half a year so you don’t need to worry about battery capacity. Power consumption of the battery is very low.

You can buy Smart Video Doorbell from online websites.

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