Alfawise LS – P Mini Laser Rangefinder now available for $19.99

Alfawise believes that technology can be easy and doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Alfawise is always been fearless in testing and verifying new ideas, aiming to provide the best products in the industry. Now company designed new Alfawise LS – P Mini Laser Rangefinder.

 Feature & Specification:

This device has multiple measurement functions. All functions controls with one button. Mini laser rangefinder takes angle measurement, area measurement, volume measurement, one PIP measurement, two times Pylon measurement, front and back reference, one button angle measurement, height, easily cover the various measurements which needs in your daily life. The range of the device is 0.03 – 40m and laser type is 620 – 670nm and less than 1mw. The mini laser counts unit in m / in / ft. The accuracy of the mini laser rangefinder is +/- 2 mm and a measurement time is 0.2 seconds, so you can trust every click you have.

Alfawise LS - P Mini Laser Rangefinder

Alfawise LS – P Mini Laser Rangefinder Design-

This device is made from Aluminum alloy + ABS shell material. Alfawise LS – P Mini Laser Rangefinder is very light in weight, Minimalist fine texture and portable device. You can carry easily in your pocket. This contains high precision, accurate and reliable. This mini laser measure everything like door and window height, sofa size, warehouse capacity, stair angle etc. Also this is very helpful to distance measurement, Office learning, spatial arrangement and avoid from obstacles. Press the ON/OFF button to activate the laser and begin measuring in real-time.  

Alfawise LS - P Mini Laser Rangefinder


This Rangefinder built with 200mAh lithium battery. This battery capacity is sufficient to working of the mini laser. The charging method of the device is 5V Max 0.2A. This filled once enough to measure 3500 time long-lasting battery life for long time.

Alfawise LS – P Mini Laser Rangefinder Display-

This mini laser device has a small display which shows every measurement in numbers and with unit. And also shows remaining battery capacity.


LS – P combines up to 11 practical measurement functions. During work the device not produce heat. The working temperature of the mini laser is just Degree C – 40 Degree C and storage temperature of the device is -20 Degree C – 60 Degree C. Also mini laser gives you proper working. LS – P mini laser working with first sensor photoelectric avalanche tube and Italian French ST Chipset.

You can buy this Alfawise LS – P Mini Laser Rangefinder from online websites.

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