Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner Robot With AI Route Planning Offered for $145

The Alfawise S60 Pro is a window-cleaning robot. It is designed to prevent people from having to balance dangerously on a ladder or trying to reach the farthest corners of the glass through the windowsill. The Alfawise S60 Pro rides the glass like a robotic vacuum cleaner and wipes the windows with two rotating clothes. Here are 10 key features of this device.

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Coupon Code: GBALS60PRO

First of all, it is worth noting that the Alfawise S60 is not a magical gravity defeating device. This robot sucks on the glass-like an octopus, and in it rips the glass by cleaning it with two cloths. The result is equal to what you would reach with your hands, but you don’t have to do anything yourself. 

This is an updated version of the Alfawise S60 window cleaning robot that can clean 1 square meter in just 3 minutes. This window cleaning robot is special due to the fact that it can be used not only for cleaning windows, but also for tiles, marble, and other slippery surfaces, and is now sold at a very good price.

What makes this robot unique? We have selected 10 key features:

1. The Alfawise S60 Pro does not leave uncleaned areas

The Alfawise S60 Pro sucks firmly into the glass and rides a zigzag. This robot senses where the window frame is and stays just up to it. Zigzag-powered Alfawise S60 Pro leaves no room for dirt.

Alfawise S60 Pro Round Window Cleaner Window Cleaning Robot- White

2. Powerful Japanese engine and 2.4 Kp suction power

The Alfawise S60 Pro features a powerful Japanese 120W brushless motor. It achieves 4 Nm of torque, which helps to clean the glass with great reliability. The Alfawise S60 Pro also boasts a 2.4 Kp suction power, which makes it extremely suction-free.

3. The Alfawise S60 Pro cleans very quickly – square meter in 3 minutes.

The Alfawise S60 Pro has two rotating microfiber cloths and moves fast enough on the window surface. This robot wipes out one square meter in 3 minutes, and the cleaning quality is the same as what you achieve by hand.

Alfawise S60 Pro Round Window Cleaner Window Cleaning Robot- White

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4. 650 mAh battery, extra safety rope – no risk of falling to the ground

Weighing just 1.14 kg, the Alfawise S60 Pro sucks up to 5 kg. In fact, nothing would happen, even with a power outage – the Alfawise S60 Pro has a 650 mAh battery that allows the robot to stand for 20 minutes. However, if anything happens and the robot tears off the glass, it still does not fall off – the safety rope can hold all 142 kg.

5. Extremely easy to use

The Alfawise S60 Pro is very easy to use – just turn on the robot and press it against the glass. You will also need to attach a safety rope and you will be able to work. The Alfawise S60 Pro produces only 65 dB of sound and is 8.2 cm thick. So you won’t always have to even hang the blinds.

Alfawise S60 Pro Round Window Cleaner Window Cleaning Robot- White

6. Suitable for cleaning not only glass but also tiles

The unique feature of the Alfawise S60 Pro is that it can clean a variety of surfaces, not just smooth glass. This robot also cleans tiles, rough glass and other hard surfaces – until now virtually no window cleaning robots at this price could. 

7. Double cleaning at 80 rpm

The Alfawise S60 Pro uses a pair of microfiber cloths that rotate at 80 rpm. They can be used both dry and with window cleaner. One cloth wipes out once again the areas already cleaned by another.

Alfawise S60 Pro Round Window Cleaner Window Cleaning Robot- White

8. Special remote control

The Alfawise S60 Pro has no smart features – this robot does not need to communicate with your smartphone. The Alfawise S60 Pro is controlled by buttons on the body, but sooner or later the robot will reach areas you can’t reach. That’s why the Alfawise S60 Pro has a remote control that can operate up to 30 meters away.

Alfawise S60 Pro Round Window Cleaner Window Cleaning Robot- White

9. Up to 12 cloths included

The Alfawise S60 Pro comes packed with the robot itself, its control panel and instructions in English, but there are some useful accessories. It is a safety rope with 142 kilograms, a spray bottle and as many as 12 cloths.

10. Very good price

The price of $145.99 using Coupon Code: GBALS60PRO may seem like a huge expense to clean windows, but this robot will clean a large part of your home, safely and efficiently. And most importantly, this robot doesn’t just clean windows, so it will have something to do every week. Also, since the Alfawise S60 Pro lacks smart features, it is cheaper than most smart window cleaning robots.

Coupon Code: GBALS60PRO

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