Alfawise U50 DIY FDM 3D Printer 3.5 inch Touch Screen Offered for $215.99

3D printing has never been so affordable! 3D printers are indeed less and less expensive by always bringing more interesting features. This is the case of this Alfawise U50 which, for a low price, offers to create very large objects while adding functions that are generally reserved for much more expensive devices… It is also delivered between 4 and 12 days in DHL delivery for less than $5!

The Alfawise U50 is currently at 202 €! It’s a great discount when you know that this 5-star printer is barely more expensive than entry-level printers. If you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily, this is the printer for you. It makes it possible to create bulky objects (26 x 26 x 27 cm) and is compatible with the most used types of filaments. Printing can be done from a PC or completely autonomously thanks to an SD card and its 3.5-inch touch screen.

Regarding the “pros” features, there is the heating bed to avoid adhesion problems, a filament detection so as not to spoil his creations and a resumption of printing in case of power failure. The finesse of the print is the strong point of this Alfawise U50 since the nozzle displays accuracy of 0.2 to 0.02 mm: the size of a hair! The machine movements are also very precise with an accuracy of 0.004 mm on the Z-axis and 0.012 mm on the X and Y axes.

When ordering, remember to deactivate the delivery guarantees if you want to avoid paying an additional charge. You don’t like to wait? For 4.55 € you benefit from fast delivery with DHL. The 3D printer will be at your home between 4 and 12 days!

Do you want to create even larger objects? The Alfawise U20 Plus is also on sale (fast delivery)! She offers to print in 30 x 30 x 40 cm with even more different materials (fast delivery).

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