Alfawise V8S vacuum cleaner, Now at best price of just $135.99

This company is very famous for their products. The products are very smarter than other company products. Alfawise company makes many home products, but the Alfawise V8S is a smart home product. Other products of alfawise are TV box, WIFI doorbell, etc. So now alfawise launch a smart home robot vacuum cleaner is Alfawise V8S. Nowadays alfawise company growing very fast, its all magic of alfawise products.

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Nowadays vacuum cleaner is needed for every family, shops, office, etc. So alfawise brand comes with the new product and new design of alfawise smart vacuum cleaner. Easily functions and shape of this product are very attractive. Look of the product is very alluring. This design is ready after many time because industry becomes good in the market. Nowadays Alfawise company is growing in every market.

alfawise vacuum cleaner


Alfawise V8S is a smart design robot vacuum cleaner. It cleans every type of dust on the floor and from to corners of the room. This design provides you edge mode and auto mode. The product is a convenient design. V8S comes in the market with new design and shape and size. It is chargeable and set up with the remote system. Their sensors are joined with V8S which are maintain the vacuum. When vacuum falls from the stairs, then vacuum handles by sensors system.

The product is very sleek and classic. The black color gives a charming look to the V8S vacuum cleaner. The company modified the previous design of the product. The product is awesome as well as others.

alfawise vacuum cleaner

Package content: in this package, you will get one Alfawise V8S Robot Vaccum Cleaner. Also has a two pair of side brushes. And one hair brush is included in this package. One remote control and one adapter have provided in the package. The last thing which is included in the package is one charging base system.


Nowadays there are many companies and brand of vacuum cleaner, but the V8S is one of the leading brands in the market. The product is made in the format of ‘All in one’ This product is made and comes in the market according to today’s needs. The best part of vacuum cleaner V8S is that it provides much time for working. It means you can use V8S cleaner for a long period.  Currently, there are many cheap vacuum cleaners in the market, but there are many adverse factors of those products on carpets, etc. If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, it is best for you, and it is so easy to use that anyone can operate it.

It increases the charm of your house.  The charming and superb shape of V8S is more beautiful and attractive. It looks like a crown so also attract your friends and guests also. The gadget is also very durable and long lasting because of its fine matte black body. It set a standard of your image in people. Then you love it because you can connect it with PC and Laptop. This is the king of modern projectors.

alfawise vacuum cleaner

Multiple interfaces for multiple devices connection which make V8S  portable and better than other products in the market. The project of V8S is  This is the best gift for your family.

Features and functions-

Alfawise company made the products which are very good looking and fabulous. All products of alfawise are made with new techniques and update for your future. V8S has a dual SLAM system, intelligent gyroscope navigation+PSD positioning sensor application and joint precise positioning. A robot vacuum cleaner works with brushes. BLDC brushless motor provides stronger suction and higher work efficacy, which motor working longer time than other motors.

alfawise vacuum cleaner

V8S robot vacuum cleaner super suction cleaning mode value is 1300pa can easily absorb dust, hair and other dust particles. It has a remote control section which helps to control easily. Also providing edge system, spot and planning optional modes of free hands. When low power of vacuum then this charge automatically or charge after finishing work. It has also support direct charge through the remote control or control panel.

alfawise vacuum cleaner

The battery of the robot cleaner is very powerful. Built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery provides enough power. Which power work for 90 – 120 minutes. Vacuum clean dust particles with a roller brush, which is prolonged in the industry and this is a very good clearance rate. Cleaner brush is 19.1 cm in length. V8S vacuum target to deal with a variety of dust on different grounds, clean the floor gap and lengthen the double brush. Alfawise vacuum provides 1.5cm obstacle crossing function, can rise a steep slope of 15 degrees. Entire kinds of house floors, carpets, tiles, can be perfectly fitting.


Alfawise V8S is different from other robot vacuum cleaners. This device is made of matte black plastic. Also, the device is a round shape. The weight of vacuum cleaner is 2.6 kg and has a small size of 32 x 32 x 8 cm.the product has a lighting system which lights help in cleaning. Totally the device is round and there is no extra button on the top except for the Auto button and Alfawise logo. The product does not have any noise level.

alfawise vacuum cleaner

Alfawise V8S robot vacuum cleaner has a rolling brush, side brush and also a remote controller product. The product is a self-charging mode. There has cleaning modes are auto, edge spot, and planned route. Dust box capacity of V8S is 350ml. And noise less than 65dB, and the charging time is 4 – 6 hours.the product of suction reading is 880 – 1300 pa.

alfawise vacuum cleaner

The product weight of V8S is 2.6000 kg and the weight of packages is 4.3000 kg. The product is durable and excellent. On the bottom of the vacuum, there are two connections for charging from the docking section. Also has a navigation sensor. Connectors for direct connection of the power supply is on the side face. We can control the speed of robot vacuum cleaner V8S via remote or with on vacuum side buttons.

alfawise vacuum cleaner

The product size of ( L x W x H ): 32.00 x 32.00 x 8.00 cm / 12.6 x 12.6 x 3.15 inches. And the pacakage size of vaccum cleaner V8S is ( L x W x H ): 47.00 x 37.70 x 15.30 cm / 18.5 x 14.84 x 6.02 inches.

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