Alfawise WS – 960 Robot Window Cleaner With 30 Min Endurance Time Offered For $179.99(Coupon)

It can be so frustrating after a long day at work, you still get home and start doing all the cleaning. Most times we really don’t have the time to carry out this cleaning which tends to turn a lot of people into looking for a helper to do the job. Lots of robots have been manufactured to make work easy for us e.g vacuum cleaner, electric mop, electric toothbrush, etc. This brings us to the Alfawise WS – 960 Robot Window Cleaner which help us to clean those dirty and strong headed stains on our windows. This device is of high quality which will be of big help to us both in the home or office. It cleans a  3838 window in less than  3 minute thanks to its 2.5min / sqm ultra-fast cleaning speed. This is an ideal cleaner for large shop windows of restaurant, hotel, clothes store, shopping mall such as KFC, McDonald, HM, Walmart, etc. 

Coupon Code: GBSZ42503

Design & Appearance

The Alfawise WS – 960 Robot Window Cleaner comes in a single color[silver], although it spots slight touches of black, and you will agree with me that with this silver and black color it will get to drag ones attention. It has an ultra-thin design with a height of 3.66 inches, which makes it about 25% thinner than just about any other cleaner with its functions. It has a dimension of 223.00 x 23.00 x 9.30 cm and weighs 1.2700 kg making it extremely easy to move around. Alfawise WS – 960 Robot Window Cleaner cleans at a 60db noise level, which is lower than most vacuum cleaners.


The window cleaner is embedded with a smart chip automatically cleaning which has “N”, “Z”, “N+Z”, three cleaning routes and its freely change, wipe out dust thoroughly. It is embedded with a 2800 PA strong suction which firmly climbs on glass. Even a 7kg water bottle cannot drag it to fall off. The cleaner also features a Long-time high-efficiency cleaning; Reinforced and non-slip track band, avoids slippery and skipping phenomenon, clearly clean windows. The cleaner adopts motion current sensing system, more accurately detect window frame, avoiding stuck in frame edge. With its 4 LEDs indicating remaining power users can know the remaining power and how long the robot will still suck on windows.

Mobile Application Control

The Alfawise WS – 960 Robot Window Cleaner is compactable with a mobile app which can be downloaded on your smartphone. this will enable you to manage the directions of your WIN660 while sitting on the couch!. This mobile app works on both Android and iOS devices.

Remote Control

The Alfawise WS – 960 Robot Window Cleaner comes with a Remote control which is used to direct the location, and possibly make it clean with different patterns. This device works fine on the framed windows as it is furnished with sensors to sense the window frames quickly. These sensors compute the best path to clean the surface.


The Alfawise WS – 960 Robot Window Cleaner sports a whooping large battery with Over 400 hour continuous working time which is much longer than other cleaning machine. It has 30 Min endurance after electricity cut off which would suck still on glass for 30 min and send alarm when electricity suddenly cut off. Safety rope can be tied up in case you missed to power off, power cut or some other unexpected things happened. No need to tie the string every time you use it except when you’re cleaning the high walls.

Where To Buy The Alfawise WS – 960 Robot Window Cleaner

The  Alfawise WS – 960 Robot Window Cleaner is currently available on Gearbest for $179.99

Coupon Code: GBSZ42503

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