BlitzWolf® BW-BS14 bluetooth 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Offered for $69.99

To make the best photos and videos, stabilizers are the perfect accessory. The model we are about talking about is the BlitzWolf® BW-BS14 Bluetooth 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer. It comes with amazing features one of which includes the 3-Axis which would ensure video videos are made in HD and are fluid and stable. This gimbal has a Pitch(Tilt)Angle of 325°, Pan Angle of 330° and Roll Angle of 180°.

Three Adjustable Modes

The BlitzWolf® Gimbal Stabilizer features Three Adjustable Modes which includes AF / Following Mode, HF / Pan Following Mode, LF / Locking Mode. The AF / Following Mode roll is locked, and the smartphone follows of the handle in tilt and pan direction.

In the HF / Pan Following Mode, tilt and roll are locked, and the smartphone follows of the handle in pan direction. While in the LF / Locking Mode, the smartphone does not follows the handle and remain locked in position.

Other features

The BlitzWolf® Gimbal Stabilizer features the auto Face & Object Tracking. The device can accurately track the movement of people and objects. The gimbal is also embedded with Zoom Control features. One can adjust the camera zoom to capture close-up images after download the APP.

The Gimbal Stabilizer comes with a large 4000mAh Battery Capacity + Power Supply. The 4000mAh high capacity battery gives you 12 working hours which would do all you want it to do. This can take you for a very long time before recharging it.

Other features include Horizontal & Vertical Phone Clamp. With this, you can enjoy selfie-timer mode & live stream easily. While on the Tripod connection, Universal 1/4” screw fits all standard tripods and monopods. The BlitzWolf® Gimbal Stabilizer is currently available on Banggood for just $69.99.

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