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I believe many people are loyal users of the Xiaomi Mi Band. From Xiaomi Mi band1 to Xiaomi Mi band4, we have witnessed the iteration of the Xiaomi Mi band again and again. On the Xiaomi Mi band4, compared to the previous generation, there are significant improvements in screen, function, and battery life.

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Band1 has no screen, only interacts by vibration, until the release of Band4, Mi band finally joined the color screen!

The Band4 is equipped with a 0.95-inch color screen that can accommodate more information than the previous display area by 39.9%. Compared to Band3, the screen resolution is doubled to 120*240. At the same time, the addition of color screens also gives the screen more space to play, different colors display different information, and there are more screen wallpapers to choose from.

On the back are the heart rate sensor and charging interface. This time, Xiaomi finally adjusted the position of the charging interface of the Band, and the charger also got a new style. The card body was stuck on the charging stand more stable, avoiding the previous bracelets. When charging, it is often broken.


Not only in the design upgrade, but Band4 has also improved in function. You can see the various functions on the Band4 by sliding it up and down.

Firstly, Band4 becomes a more professional sports band, built-in 6-axis high-precision sensor, and supports SATM waterproof, compatible with swimming, outdoor running, city running, walking, exercising, riding six-sports mode, can identify swimming Position, you can also record the pace, speed, calories burned, record heart rate, etc., to help us do the exercise.

At the same time, the heart rate detection function is upgraded again, which can achieve high-precision heart rate monitoring, and when the heart rate is too high, the bracelet will alert the user with the help of vibration. Heart rate reminders are very useful for people with very high pressures or older people.

In addition, the previous steps supported by Band, sleep monitoring, notifications, weather alerts, alarm clocks, etc. are still supported on Band4. At the same time, you can control the music of your mobile phone, find your mobile phone, and more.


At the same time, with the color screen is also a test for the battery, Band4 is equipped with a 135mAh battery this time, so the battery life can still reach 15 days (NFC version, standard version battery life 20 days). In the actual experience, when the heart rate monitoring is not turned on, the power consumption is about 4% a day, and the battery life is very strong.

Contrast sports Band, Band4 is definitely a crush on other Band products in terms of function and value. It is no exaggeration to say that Band4 should be the most popular sports Band product currently available.

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Price without coupon: $99.99
Coupon ($27.00): BGM427
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