Buy The Huawei Zink Photo AR Printer For $53.99(Coupon)

If you’ve been looking for cheap portable printers to produce high-quality output, Huawei Zink Photo AR printers may meet your needs.

Huawei Zink allows users to record their colorful lives anytime, anywhere, without  Ribbons and ink cartridges, which need for a printer.

Price without coupon: $72.99
Coupon ($53.99): BGafc276
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All you need is photo paper for CMP standard printing.


Huawei Zink makes AR printing  reality. You can paste photographic paper to make an exclusive photo that contains multiple sizes of photos from 22x32mm to 35x45mm.

The Bluetooth connection speeds up the printing process and takes only a minute to complete.


The wallet-sized Huawei Zink Photo AR printer is also an excellent choice for product presentations.

To print photos, simply download the Huawei / Honor Printer application from App Store, connect to the print, select the photo, and click the print icon.


This printer is only the size of a wallet, weighs 195g, and is only a little thicker than a mobile phone!

Take it on a business trip without problems, casually put it in the bag, the appearance of a good-looking more taste!

What is more powerful is that it has the DIY business card printing function, even if you see the customer forgot to bring the name card, you can also edit very easily, print out quickly through the printer!

How to use

  1. Download application For Huawei or Honor Printer from App Store or Android Store
  2. Open App, Connect Printer
  3. Select Photos
  4. Click on the Print

Where To Buy The Original Huawei Zink Photo AR Printer

This Original Huawei Zink Photo AR Printer is currently on Banggood for $53.99 by using coupon code below.

Price without coupon: $72.99
Coupon ($53.99): BGafc276
(apply it in your cart)

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