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The 8 of September 2016, AirPods released with Apple 7 at Apple’s autumn conference ignited the global wireless Bluetooth earphone market. Various wireless Bluetooth earphones have sprung up, so today we will take a look at Xiaomi’s Bluetooth earphone Air.

Price without coupon: $139.99
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The millet Bluetooth earphones are designed with a pure white design and are wireless design with left and right ears. Unlike the AirPods, it uses an in-ear design that is harder to wear than a half-ear earphone and is less likely to fall. The shape is also slightly larger than AirPods, but it is still small, and the single ear weighs only 5.8g.

There are pressure relief holes and noise reduction microphones on the earphones. The slightly larger components on the body should be infrared optical sensors, which can sense the wearing state.


The metal plate on the back of the earphone has a sensing function. If you want to wake up the voice assistant, you need just touch the left earphone twice. Under the IOS system, you can wake up Siri. Tap the right earphone twice to play and pause the music.

Noise Reduction

When the metal plate is pressed for more than three seconds, the noise reduction function is activated. When the noise reduction is activated, the headphones will have a language prompt.

Compared with many Bluetooth earphones, the in-ear design of the Xiaomi Bluetooth earphone Air makes this earphone have excellent sound insulation, plus active noise reduction technology, allowing you to enjoy music clearly at normal volume.


As for the battery, the Xiaomi Air and the charging box are all fast-charged. It takes 70 minutes to charge in 10 minutes and can be fully charged in 1 hour. In addition, the charging box can charge the earphone twice more, which can meet 10 hours of music playback, charging and battery life.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Air Bluetooth Earphone

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Price without coupon: $139.99
Coupon ($49.59): BGAIR006
(apply it in your cart)

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