CHUWI Aerobook Laptop for just $425.99(Coupon): The most affordable bezel-less laptop

Chuwi is a household name when it comes to the production of tablet/PC and notebooks/laptop. They have never seized to release amazing devices that have been tested and to be top grade. Now, the brand just came with another amazing device, named CHUWI Aerobook Laptop, a bezel-less laptop which comes with an affordable price tag. Let’s get to meet the device in detail. 

Coupon Code: GBNBCWAK01

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The CHUWI Aerobook Laptop Adopts the leading micro Bezels on both sides which are only 5mm – as wide as just 5 grains of salt. The screen-to-body ratio is also close to 80%, allowing you to fully immerse in a boundless experience. The laptop is light as a feather, Precise interior structure along with the durable aluminum-magnesium alloy—thinnest part is 15mm. Weighing only 2.76lbs. Overall size is 20% smaller than other products of the same class. Enjoy accurate typing and ultimate comfort through the tip of your fingers with its Full-sized Backlit Keyboard, 16mm Big Key Caps and 3mm Spacing Between Each Key. 


The CHUWI Aerobook Laptop sports a processor with surging power. The Turbo Boost 2.0 help the CPU core frequency reach 2.2GHz. It is 40% higher than the previous generation. The processor is paired with an 8GB of large-capacity memory which is one of the key factors for smooth switching of multiple projects. Aerobook is equipped with 128G storage, in addition, you can also upgrade the storage to 1TB. 

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Other Features

The CHUWI Aerobook Laptop is embedded with a battery that has a long life. It has an 8 hours high capacity lithium polymer battery, with the addition of low power consumption CPU Enables 8 hours of long usage. It also embedded with multiple ports, connect anytime and anywere. It comes with up to 7 interfaces making it possible to build your personalize workstation.

Where To Buy The CHUWI Aerobook Laptop

The CHUWI Aerobook Laptop is currently available on Gearbest for $425.99, using coupon code below

Coupon Code: GBNBCWAK01

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