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This year is the year of laser TV explosion. All major projector manufacturers have launched new laser TVs. The major traditional TV manufacturers have also launched laser TVs and screenless TVs. This time I want to tell you about JMGO’s new laser TV JMGO s3 laser TV.

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JMGO S3 is designed with a gold body and black edging design. At the same time, the appearance of the whole machine can’t see the stereoscopic view of traditional laser TV. I think that the design of science and technology is the way TV should look like in the future.

On both sides of the JMGO S3, there is such an aviation aluminum alloy metal mesh. a two-channel sound system is placed inside the metal mesh on both sides of the fuselage, and a floating sound chamber design is also adopted. The 53mm large speaker, with a low impedance of 14 ohms, is equipped with a professional-grade DSP digital power amplifier chip. The stacking on the hardware makes the sound quality much larger than that of the traditional LCD TV. careful friends can also see a USB interface on the backside of the speaker. Most of the laser TVs we use are placed against the wall when we use them. It is more convenient to use here.

The back of the fuselage integrates various interfaces, including RS232 IN (remote centralized control) interface, RS232 OUT*1 (remote centralized control) interface, S/PDIF audio interface, network cable interface, USB3.0 interface, two HDMI interfaces and SERVICE interface and so on.

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Seeing this, many people may have such a question: Why didn’t you see the JMGO S3 lens? This is because it uses the “automatic sports car sunroof slide” design when you turn on the top, the top sliding sunroof will be automatically opened, not only looks very scientific but also can use the laser TV protects protection against dust.

After the slider sunroof is opened, the lens can be seen. In terms of parameters, the brightness is 3000 ANSI lumens, which is about 9700 lumens when converted to light source brightness. This high brightness allows it to be used in any environment. Also it also has a projection ratio of 0.21:1 and 4K physical resolution. We can see from these parameters that this is the current flagship laser TV product.

In terms of image quality, it is worth mentioning that JMGO S3 supports HDR 10 decoding. Simply put, when displaying black images, it can have a higher dynamic range of brightness, and even a deep black scene can Do not lose the details of the shadows, making the picture more natural and real. In addition to HDR 10, we also found the settings for motion compensation in the advanced settings.

The significance of motion compensation is to watch the highly dynamic ball game picture. After the function is turned on, it can reduce the tailing and jitter problems caused by high dynamic pictures through a specific frame interpolation algorithm, and make the projected picture smoother and more natural. With this feature, friends who like to watch the game should be more practical.

Remember the two-channel sound system on the JMGO S3 mentioned at the beginning of the article? In the audio aspect, it adopts a floating design sound cavity, and the left and right 53mm large speakers share a cavity, which can cancel the asymmetric vibration, the 14-ohm low impedance is easy to push, and also adopts professional-grade DSP digital power amplifier chip to support DSP tri-band.

Dynamic adjustment and dynamic adjustment of EQ frequency response, which makes the sound quality achieve a lot of professional-level desktop speakers, its sound field is wide, and the bass is strong, while the mid-high frequency also has a good performance, through the Dolby, DTS surround sound certification. To make the best use of it, in the standby state of JMGOS3, it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker alone. It is a pleasure to listen to the song when you are not watching TV.

Where To Buy the JmGO S3 4K Laser Projector TV

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ice without coupon: $4227.99
Coupon ($2569.99): BGS301
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