[Coupon Deals] Buy The Wiha Zu Hause Electric Power Screwdriver For $36.51

As a German expert in hardware tools, Wiha has previously launched several products in cooperation with Xiaomi. The screwdriver introduced this time is the first one with electric power. The product name ‘Zu Hause’ is Wiha’s new product for home tool design. Brand series.

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Wiha Zu Hause electric power screwdriver is a pull-out package. After removing the outer paper case, you can see the black toolbox inside. The overall black design gives a mystery. The brand name is a little low-key luxury.

All accessories include electric power screwdrivers, extension rods, 8 different models of the head, Type-c charging cable and instruction manual.

The batch head is made of stainless steel. There are 3 crossheads in the 8 batches, 2 in the first batch, and 3 in the hexagonal header. The specifications are the specifications commonly used by the family. The bottom is also equipped with a plastic base. Convenient for daily storage.

The appearance of the screwdriver adopts the patented 8-edge design, which provides a good grip feel. It is medium in thickness and has 2 LED lights on the front. It will light up when used, illuminate the front field of view and facilitate dark light. Operating under the environment.

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Wiha Zu Hause electric power screwdriver can provide two torque modes, the small torque is 0.35NM, suitable for the tightening of small accessory screws, the high torque is 0.9NM. At the same time, it uses electronic precision to control the torque, which can effectively protect the screws.

The built-in advanced chip can effectively protect the screw from damage. The extension rod is handy to use, and the magnetic head of the batch head can also firmly hold the screw without falling. Type-C charging interface and long battery life are the advantages of this screwdriver.


The bottom is the charging interface of the screwdriver. The conscience configuration of Type-c does not have to worry about the insertion direction. It supports fast charging, and the charging process takes only 1.5 hours to complete.

The inside of the screwdriver is equipped with a lithium battery with a capacity of 1500mAh. When fully charged, you can tighten 120 screws.

Where To Buy The Wiha Zu Hause Electric Power Screwdriver

This Wiha Zu Hause Electric Power Screwdriver is currently available on Banggood for $36.51 by using coupon code below.

Price without coupon: $89.96
Coupon ($36.51): BGSD152
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