Creality 3D CP-01 3-in-1 DIY 3D Printer Machine now for just $766.72

The Chinese manufacturer has come up with its 3D technology to draw multi-shaped 3D prints easily at home. The Creality 3D CP-01 3-in-1 DIY 3D is an enriched printing machine to cater to all of our 3D printing needs.

3D printing has widened its sphere and 3D prints represent the ability and liveliness of the object. Ultimately, the printing industry has massive opportunities to serve users with feature-full products. The Creality 3D CP-01 is the step in this direction, which is now available for pre-order on some online stores.

Going through the spec-sheet briefly, the Creality 3D CP-01 3D printer comes with laser engraving and CNC cutting technology to frame all types and sizes of objects. Further, it is an ideal printing machine for intelligent printing and 3-in-1 approach. Users can go for 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC cutting.

On the front, the Creality 3D CP-01 modular 3D printer has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and used FDM technology in connection with multiple operating systems.

Features and Specifications

Design and Build

By design, the Creality 3D CP-01 printer is a classic and modular machine with various tools and craftsmanship. Fully metal and Black-colored body ensure long working life and endurance.

Moreover, it is a minor factory to print the materials like PLA, ABS, and TPU etc. under the higher temperature. Inside, it has a 42-stepper motor with massive overload resistance for reliable running. Overall, the machine weighs around 10kg.

Creality 3D CP-01 3-in-1 DIY 3D Printer Machine 3D Printing

For 3D printing, the Creality 3D CP-01 adopts an FDM moulding technology to process all types of materials. Further, it used slicing software like Cura, Simplify3D etc.


The front side has a 4.3-inch LED screen to showcase the real-time working data. You can operate its overall functionality by touching the surface.


Similarly, the Creality 3D CP-01 3D printer installs a 42-stepper motor, which provides excellent endurance to handle light to heavy printing models.

3-in-1 Art Display

The Creality 3D CP-01 is a modular printing machine providing 3-in-1 printing approach. It hosts 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC cutting.

Creality 3D CP-01 3-in-1 DIY 3D Printer Machine Fast Assembly

Furthermore, the universal design provides uniformed structured for easy assembling. It takes quick actions to bond the parts among different modules. It also ensures more space remained for transformation.

Creality 3D CP-01 3-in-1 DIY 3D

Quick Head Replace and Full Belt Drive

The company has framed the machine with hassle-free head fixation by twisting three screws. Similarly, full drive belt works better than threaded rod to create quality models.

Creality 3D CP-01 3-in-1 DIY 3D Printer Machine Price

The Creality 3D CP-01 3D Printer is available for pre-order for $766.72 on Banggood store. Click to order now:

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