Discounted Xiaomi Products In Spring Sale 2021

That’s not a secret that Xiaomi is one of the most popular electronic equipment brand on the market because it is offering products for all scenes. Due to this, it could form a smart home ecosystem, in which not only the more common gadgets such as smartphones and tablets have their role, but also we interact with a number of IoT (and AIoT) products. This is also a serious reason for online stores to work tightly with Xiaomi and bring the best products at the lowest prices. In this sense, Banggood is considered to be one of the best places you can acquire Xiaomi products. And now, it launched a new campaign called Spring Sale 2021. In the frame of this campaign, you can get your hands on tons of great Xiaomi products if using the coupons.

The first Xiaomi products we are offering to take a look at are the Smartphones. Xiaomi is in the top 4 in the world. This is a good indicator to understand the Xiaomi smartphones make tough competition to the major brands. And now, you can acquire Xiaomi smartphones at more affordable prices.

Xiaomi Smartphones Deals and Coupons

One of the world’s most selling smartphones is the Redmi Note 8. The phone’s Pro variant is available now for $169.99 (code: BGXLN8P). But if you want something fresher, the Redmi Note 9 is available at $99.99 and $125.00. These prices are for 3GB variants. The former model has a 32GB storage, and latter has a 64GB storage. You should use the coupons (code1: BGXLR93 and code2: BGXLN93EU). The 4GB models are priced at $109.99 and $139.99 (code1: BGXLR94 and code2: BGXLN98EU).

Anyways, though Xiaomi runs a dual-brand strategy, where Redmi focuses on cost-effectiveness and the Mi series focuses on higher segments, we shouldn’t forget about the Poco line. They are considered to have the best price-over-performance ratio. The Poco X3 is available at $199.99 and $269.99 (code1: BGXLX364 and code2: BGXLX3128).

Xiaomi Electronics Deals and Coupons

From the Xiaomi electronics section, we would like to focus on the following deals. The 100W Xiaomi soundbar with a subwoofer is sold for $159.99 (code: BGCZDERXM). But there are two other soundbars priced at $55.99 and $79.99 (code1: BGCZCNEDSP and code2: BGCZBGEDS). Also, we want you to pay attention to the Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2, which is now available for $479.99 (code: BGXMP27S).

Xiaomi Laptops Deals and Coupons

Well, Xiaomi is popular not only the field of smartphone or smart home appliances but also in the laptops market. It leads not only the domestic market but other regions as well. The RedmiBook Pro with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 and an Intel Xe Graphics is sold for $919.99 (code: BGXMSP03). The NVIDIA GeForce MX450 is available for $1019.99 (code: BGXMSP02). And the i7 model is available for $1139.99 (code: BGXMSP01). Do you want anything cheaper? The RedmiBook 16 should be the best option. It comes at $859.99 (code: BGXMSP05).

Recently, Xiaomi entered the gaming monitors market. And now there are many offers. The Xiaomi curved gaming monitor is available for 649.99. But if it is too much for you, there are Redmi monitors starting at $186.99.

Xiaomi Smart Home Appliances Deals and Coupons

Finally, if you want to build a smart home, you can’t avoid Xiaomi. It has tons of products. And though there are too many amazing deals referring to the Xiaomi smart home products, we will focus on a few of them. Say, the Mijia handheld vacuum cleaner is $66.99 (code: BGCZSCDXMU). But if you want to free your hands, there are several robotic vacuum cleaners that start at $195.99 (code: BGCZSPXMC).

The last section we’d like to take a look at is the smart lightning category. As you should know, Xiaomi makes smart lightning products mainly through Yeelight. There are various lightning products you can choose from, but we especially recommend the classic ceiling light at $75.89 (code: BGRTJFGM3).

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