Elephone A5 4G Phablet now available for just $189.99

Elephone, a china brand producing smartphones. The brand has introduced a new product, the Elephone A5 4G Phablet. It promises that the product will shine in the crowd of the smartphone market. The phone carries a very modern and trendy look. It has a triple camera for the rare and dual camera for the first photography. It comes with many sensors the Ambient Light Sensor, E-Compass, Gravity Sensor, Gyroscope, Hall Sensor, and Proximity Sensor.

The phone contains a long-time battery backup. The battery capacity is 4000 MAH which when compared to other smartphones in the market is quite high. You can move for a whole day with no travel adaptor once you have fully charged it. The charge of these devices also depends upon the purpose you are using it for the moment.

The phone comes in two versions. One of them has a 4 GB onboard memory while the other has a 6 GB built-in memory. The 6 GB version is considered as a higher version. The DDR4X gives you a better experience in both the power consumption and speed technology when compared to DDR4. The external memory which the device can support is extended up to 512 GB. Well, that’s quite a high memory storage availability. You don’t need to carry many storage devices when you are carrying A5. It was only the upper cover features of the phone, now let me slowly introduce to what the A5 carries within itself and why I strongly recommend this phone to everyone.

Design and Display:

The beauty of natural gems, this is what comes to my mind when I look over the Elephone A5. The most magnificent architecture profoundly inspires it in the world for its straight-line aesthetic. The sturdy glass panels, supported by the atomic technology makes it look glossier and shine better. The main frame is built up by the stainless steel. The luster the steel gives increases the phones beauty. Not only beauty, but it also provides shock and scratch resistance to keep the device look new as always.

Elephone A5

Elephone A5 has a screen size of 6.18 inches. Well, this is probably not too big or not too small for you to carry and even work upon. While viewing videos you will get a theatre experience because of the quality the company provides you, above the screen, you can see the dual selfie camera with the speaker in the middle. The camera seems like calling you every moment to have a click using it, and the rear cameras are provided with the triple camera technology, so you will find three camera notches popping out of the phone along with a flashlight.

The charging dock is accompanied by two speakers on either of its sides. The device, not to mention again has a versatile nature, a durable performance and to simplify a gorgeous accessory to walk around with. Now, you may be excited to know more about the products specifications after going through its look, come go through what I have plotted out separately for you.

Camera features:

Elephone is known for the camera quality it provides. Elephone A5 has done justice to the model by giving it the triple camera for the rare and dual camera for the front photography. The rear cameras are having a capacity of 12 MP, 5 MP and 0.3 MP simultaneously. The front cameras are having a capacity of 20 MP + 2 MP. The rear camera used by the phone uses a 12*2 MP camera. Elephone A5 allows you to click pictures which consist one pixel for every two units. The luminosity area as calculates comes out to be 1.28 mm per pixel. These features help the A5 to click pictures in any kind of environment, dark or daylight. It is beyond many of the smartphones in the market now, having features to beat the light phenomena while clicking pictures.

Elephone A5

The Elephone A5 is said to be inspired by all sources of lights. You don’t need yourself to be carrying a tripod for low-light photos. The night scenes will be captured as beautiful as they are with just a click. Portrait photography has been in fashion nowadays, keeping the trend in mind the A5’s dual camera technology helps you give it a professional finish. The main camera which is of 20 MP helps to capture the main details and the 5 MP camera for the rest, to handle the focus and beauty.

When you compare it with your SLR, you no more need to carry that heavy stuff all around you when you can have it in just your pocket. You will get the beauty of every shot you click.

Connectivity and Processors:

The Elephone A5 4G Phablet comes with three kinds of connectivity for networks, each of them varies in the speed they provide. The 2G  ( GSM ), 3G ( WCDMA ) and 4G ( LTE ). The 4G connection is fastest amongst them. More wireless connections are the WI-FI and Bluetooth version 4.2

The WIFI and Bluetooth both helps you to share your internet data. It helps you to transfer files and pictures. You can control several compatible devices with the help of these connections. The WIFI beats Bluetooth when it comes to speed, but many times, slow and steady wins the race.

Elephone A5

The wired connection is supported by the USB connecting port. Elephone A5 is mainly used for charging the device, but when the other end is connected to any other media device, it can be used for various purposes. The NXP smart PA promises you the best audio quality possible.

Elephone has given the Elephone A5 a processor with the leading performance in AI technology. The Helio P60 processor. It also helps in camera enhancement and reduction of battery consumption.  The process is upgraded to 12nm and Octa-core architectures. The GPU is a Mail-G 72 MP3. It integrates performance and functionality. The device runs on Android 8.1 version. The CPU has a processor of MT6771 Octa Core, with a clock cycle of 2.0 GHz. Altogether the product is not going to dissatisfy you when it comes to performance according to your expectation, and it may over cross your expectations in some fields.

Unlock function:

Elephone has besides the other technologies taken a great interest in the security sector of the phone. These phones carry a lot of valuable information about our personal lives, and this increases the need to improve the security system of the device. The company has provided the best security featured to let you remain cool and calm even when you are away from your phone because it ensures your data’s security. The fingerprint sensors and the face recognition technology help the A5 in doing so.

Elephone A5

Unlike other phones, this Elephone A5 has been provided with a side fingerprint sensor. That’s cool right, and you don’t have to keep your fingers either on the front or back intentionally to unlock your phone, hold it up and the phone gets unlocked. An unnoticed feature goes that the sensor portion being a bit signified on the surface provides you a better grip while you are using it. The time required for the unlocking in less than a millisecond

The second security feature you can rely upon it is the face unlock. The face recognition for this feature has been highly advanced. You need to pick the phone and bring it in front of your face, then only 2 seconds of time is required for you to have your phone unlocked. I know you might be thinking that the fingerprint takes a lesser time later why its use? Look into a matter of the fact that face recognition is far more secure than a fingerprint in every aspect.

Elephone A5

Overall verdict:

I am pretty sure that after knowing about the specifications and the features of the product it might be difficult for you to continue reading and not buying the device as fast as possible. The device contains an SLR within itself.  It has such a high extendible memory that you can use a mini Hard disk with it. The design and looks, are not be mentioned again and again, flawless and super attractive. The processors and the onboard memory already define the speed of the device. The security system is wholly relied upon.

It is for evidence that a product with such specifications has a higher demand in the market. The product package contains every required object you need with it. The box includes the cell phone, an earphone adaptor, a sim needle, a dash quick charger adaptor, and a dash type C cable-176.

The phone has a good user interface, and it means you will not find complex functions within the interface. Everything is quite direct and straightforward, and even if you do, the box is provided with a user manual which will help you resolve your issue.

It is time for you to decide whether to buy this phone or not, as according to me such a phone is quite affordable at a price tag of 199.99 $. I happily prefer this phone to you.

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