[Flash Deals] Buy the ASUS ROG 8+128GB Gaming Phone For $399.99

In recent years, game mobile phones have almost become a topic that everyone often talks about. Let’s take a look at how the ASUS ROG mobile phone performs today.

Price without promotion: $619.08
Promotion price: $399.99


The ROG phone consists of the copper dual-speaker grille, and the back is a bronze-gray back with a “player country” logo with painted imitation boards and RGB lighting. But it doesn’t mean it’s a toy, it’s a heavyweight phone made of metal and glass, and the copper cooling vents on the back give you a glimpse of its internal hardware.


Fortunately, ROG’s 6-inch FHD + (2160 x 1080 pixels) display shows clear detail and very good brightness, reaching 550 nits. Also well found HDR support and 90Hz refresh rate. ASUS offers users the option of running display at a common 60Hz or smoother 90Hz rate and marks the difference. You will see a smoother frame rate scrolling menu, and of course more gameplay. It may not be as 120Hz as we saw on the Razer Phone, but the experience is still solid, and for game phones, this is already very good.

The color on the ROG Phone is also very accurate, especially in standard mode. In addition to the standard and Splendid mode, you can manually adjust the hue and saturation to suit your taste. The ROG Phone has an overclocked Qualcomm 845 processor with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of basic storage, and an optional 512 GB for extended storage. We are not disappointed in our daily work; ROG is still very strong, regardless of the task or multi-process work.

Of course, the game experience is the most noteworthy place, after all, this is a game phone. Even if X mode is not enabled, there is no stuck in the game. The X model is a nice little boost, and must always ensure the highest performance, proving that it can flow through most graphics-intensive games, and completely cut off any frames we might see in normal mode. Of course, on most phones, a 90Hz screen refresh rate can significantly improve the gaming experience, exceeding the average 60Hz speed, making the game look as smooth as butter. It’s not the same as the 120Hz experience on the Razer 2, but it’s a significant upgrade, and game fans will find a lot of fun.


The ROG phone is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery and hopes to keep your game time lasting. For this reason, not only does the auxiliary charging port be used in the middle of the phone for gameplay, but the port also accepts the attached Aeroactive (cooler), which will affect battery life. In our tests, the bayonet-type fan has a significant effect on the cooling system, creating a better environment for battery life.


ASUS is equipped with 12 and 8 MP cameras on the back of the ROG phone, one with a normal lens and the other with a wide-angle lens, including an 8 MP front camera. As we expected, there aren’t too many different things to introduce in terms of functionality.

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ASUS ROG is a very good mobile phone, no stranger to the needs of gamers and smartphone buyers. ASUS has provided ROG with a lot of external accessories to match ROG phones. Finally, we also found that ASUS ROG is very powerful in photography, ROG is undoubtedly the best game mobile phone.

Where To Buy the ASUS ROG 8+128GB Phone

This ASUS ROG 8+128GB Phone is currently available on Gearbest for $399.99

Price without promotion: $619.08
Promotion price: $399.99

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