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After the release of the Mijia sweeping robot, it became one of the best products in the Xiaomi ecological chain in the eyes of consumers. Its upgraded version 1S has significantly improved both the efficiency and cleaning effect. Let’s take a look at this machine today.

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Firstly, the package contains the main body of the sweeping robot, charging pile, charging cable and cleaning brush. The appearance of the whole machine is still the classic Mijia pure white design, with the matte texture shell, the surrounding material is changed to matte, not easy to stay. It has scratches, rounded corners, and a sense of overall technology.

The most intuitive difference from the old version is the raised visual sensor. The 1S newly added visual navigation system can add visual scanning planning beyond the laser scanning, thereby improving the sweeping and scene planning capabilities of the sweeper to extract image feature point information.


The Mijia 1S upgraded the laser + visual fusion dual navigation. The new LDS laser sensor is equipped with a high-speed scanning environment at 5*360°/sec to accurately judge the traveling direction and current position in the horizontal range. Build a map and restore the whole picture of the home. The AI image recognition function is added to realize the room partition by the door recognition, realize the dynamic intelligent path planning, clean the room one by one, reduce the cross-region phenomenon, reduce the number of turns, and improve the cleaning efficiency. This kind of intelligent navigation technology ensures that when the position is moved during the cleaning, the cleaning can be continued nearby, and the trap can be intelligently trapped to avoid leakage and duplication.

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The suction of 1s has been increased from 1800Pa in the previous generation to 2000Pa. And the battery life of the battery is 5200mAh. In the standard model, it can work for 2.5 hours, and the floor area can be cleaned up to 250 square meters, which is enough for daily use.

In the experience, the sweeping robot cleans all the ground that can be touched. the adsorption force, the hair of the house and the animal hair can be easily cleaned. Even the bottom of the bed can be freely entered. No longer have to bend over and sweep the floor. When you hit the legs or chair legs, it will sweep around and then go to the chair legs on the other side.


There are only two buttons on the front of the Mijia 1S. At the same time, long press to reset the Wi-Fi, and the connection with the Mijia APP is also very convenient. Add it to the Mijia APP, find the Mijia sweeping robot 1S, follow the prompts, after the connection is completed. You can use the APP to perform operations such as cleaning, refilling, and zone cleaning.

In the app, you can also see the real-time map of the sweeper and the route data after the sweep. Specifically, after a complete process of “starting from the charging stand-self-cleaning-refilling”, a complete map will appear in the Mijia App. The sweeping robot can identify the door and automatically partition the living room and bedroom. You can also manually merge, split, etc. the areas on the map.

Where To Buy the XIAOMI Mijia 1S Vacuum Cleaner

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Price without coupon: $365.99
Coupon ($289.99): BGXMHK1S
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