HIMO V1 Folding Bike Moped Electric Bike now for $479.99

Himo V1 Folding Electric Bike from Xiaomi Youpin E-Bike is now available to purchase at a very low price.

Xiaomi, as the name suggests, we are talking about the brand people can rely upon.  Xiaomi is the brand which has brought the change in the mind of people that the low-cost things can also be very effective to use. This time xiaomi has come up with the new folding electric bike which is now available at a very high discount on flash sale.

HIMO V1 Folding

Features of Xiaomi HIMO V1 Folding Electric Bike

The new Xiaomi HIMO Folding electric Bike is available with the 250W motor. The motor is enough strong to take the 100 kg of weight on it easily. This 250W motor will provide the bike enough energy that you can drive it at 20km/h and the maximum of 20 degrees of the gradient. This speed will help you to reach every place you like to visit very easily and at a very fast rate. The space the bike will take is quite small, so you do not need a lot of space to park it.

HIMO V1 Folding

The new Xiaomi V1 Folding electric Bike comes with the 12-inch inflatable rubber tires. The rubber tires will help you drive the bike safely on any surface. The most important thing is that you can fold the cycle so. As told first it will take a very less space to park and keep. The saddles are adjustable so you can adjust them as per your comfort. The new Xiaomi HIMO V1 Folding electric Bike also provides you the LED light so that it is very comfortable for you to drive at the night. The tires of the new Xiaomi V1 Folding electric bike comes with the Aluminium alloy shell which will provide you more payload on the bike.

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The new Xiaomi HIMO V1 Folding electric Bike is comfortable for any age of people due to its adjustable saddle and different modes like the pedal, moped, and electric. You can choose any according to your like.

HIMO V1 Folding 1


The new Xiaomi HIMO Folding Electric Bike is now available at just $469.99 on flash sale. The sale is available for just 14 days. So hurry up and buy yours.

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