Hisense 80L5D 4k projector UHD LED now for just $6195.19

Hisense is a Chinese multinational major appliance and electronics manufacturer. Hisense is a passionate about bringing the latest innovations in technology. The company sells his products at very affordable prices. Now company launches his new product is Hisense 80L5D 4k projector. This projector is like high-speed smooth operation TV.

Feature & Specification of Hisense 80L5D 4k projector:

The Hisense 80L5D projector is made from ABS material. The aspect ratio of the projector is 19:9. This has three media formats are Picture, Video and Audio formats. The power supply of the projector is 100-240V. This is compatible with PC, Computer and Laptop. Also has 2D and 3D function which is best for watching 3D movies and best for gaming. 3D function shows you reality of the picture. The projector built with speaker for audio performance.

Hisense 80L5D 4k projector

The noise of the Hisense 80L5D projector is just 34db. It supports VIDAA AI artificial intelligence system realizes voice interaction and image recognition and has rich content resources. This projector equipped with MEMC motion compensation technology even if you watch sports game you can achieve smooth transition without smearing.


Hisense projector designed with latest technology and with new style. This design is equipped with a pair of surround sound with the Harman Kardon custom subwoofer which gives you an immersive viewing experience. This is natural to meet your daily viewing needs.

Hisense 80L5D 4k projector

Hisense 80L5D 4k projector Display-

The projector comes with DLP display. The native resolution of the display is 3840 x 2160, which provides you clearance of the picture. This display support 4K and HDR technology to enhance the contrast of the image achieve clear display and accurate image recovery and uses a custom lens with 400nit highlighting. The projection distance of the display is 3m-3.5m. Display shows you 80 inch image and the ratio of the display is 4:3, 16:9. 

LED lamp-

Hisense 80L5D 4k projector built with LED lamp. The life of the lamp is 30000h and lamp power is 286W. LED lamp shows you the picture on the display.


This projector packs with 3GB RAM and 64GB internal storage which is sufficient to store the game application and to store the other files for long time.


This Hisense 80L5D 4k projector has DC, HDMI, USB, Bluetooth and RS232. With these ports you can connect your projector with the other devices easily. Also you can share the files, movies, songs with the connectivity.

You can buy this Hisense 80L5D projector from online websites.

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