Huami Amazfit 1S Smart Bracelet Which Allows You To Make An ECG Offered For $135.99(Coupon)

Outside the watch, Amazfit Verge, Huami also presented the Amazfit Health Band 1s wristband same day some months ago. The new headband has a 0,42 inch OLED screen. The 67 IP certificate ensures waterproofness, and communication with the smartphone is done via Bluetooth in the 4.0 version.

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Amazfit Health Band 1S

The biggest novelty in the band is the addition of an ECG sensor. The headband will have a similar function to the latest Apple Watch Series 4 presented a few days ago. During the conference you can view at the end of the post, Huami reported that it collected data from over 5 millions of electrocardiograms and 14 000 symptoms of atrial fibrillation were detected.

Amazfit Health Band 1S has a built-in new generation of optical heart sensors. It guarantees a measurement accuracy of 98%, the same sensors are found on the Amazfit Verge watch. Thanks to better sensors, sleep monitoring by the band will be even more accurate. The device is powered by a 95 mAh battery capacity and is enough for a week. In my opinion, this is too short a time of action. Charging from 0 to 100% also takes a long time until 2,5 hours.

Amazfit Health Band 1S

Amazfit Health Band 1S provides the new feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 but for a much lower amount. Times, when gadgets are just gadgets, go to the past, thanks to ECG armband can save lives for people who have a problem with the heart.

Where To Buy The Huami Amazfit 1S Smart Bracelet

The Huami Amazfit 1S Smart Bracelet is currently available on Gearbest for $135.99 using the Coupon Code: X19021602B and comes with a free shipping option

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