Huami Amazfit GTR Smartwatch Offered for $145.99

Xiaomi smartwatches from the Amazfit range are becoming more relevant. The Chinese manufacturer has been able to incorporate little by little new features to these watches, keeping prices low and, above all, betting on offering a range that other manufacturers can hardly reach. The new Amazfit GTR arrives with 24 days of autonomy, a more classic style than ever and autonomy of more than three weeks.

Amazfit GTR joins the recently presented Amazfit SmartWatch 2, which it bequeathed at the beginning of June of this year. On that occasion the watch included electrocardiogram as the main novelty, putting up with the Apple Watch Series 4 of the Californian brand, first to include this sensor. The difference is found in the price, almost half the Xiaomi watch compared to the Apple watch.

Amazfit GTR

Amazfit GTR follows a bit the idea of ??Amazfit SmartWatch 2 in terms of hardware. The relevant changes are found in the final design of the watch, where you bet on more styles and even two different sizes for the box. At the moment it has been put on sale in China and its price to change in euros is around 100 euros.

Datasheet of the Amazfit GTR of Xiaomi

SCREEN47 mm with 1.39 inches 
42 mm with 1.2 inches AMOLED 
Gorilla Glass 3
DIMENSIONS47 mm of 47.2 x 47.2 x 10.75 mm 
42 mm of 42.6 x 42.6 x 9.2 mm
DRUMS47 mm with 410 mAh (duration 24 days) 
42 mm with 195 mAh (duration 12 days)
RESISTANCEWater and dust IP68 (50 meters of immersion)
SOFTWAREAmazfit OS, compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10 or higher
Atmospheric pressure 
Ambient light 
Activity and dream
PriceFrom 799 yuan (about 100 euros to change)

As we can see, everything is based on the size that is chosen. We found one with a box of 47 mm and another with a box of 42 mm . Amazfit GTR has a circular design with an AMOLED screen that can come in sizes of 1.39 inches or 1.2 inches, depending on the model. Something similar occurs with the autonomy of the product, which varies according to the model chosen. In the largest of all reaches 24 days according to the manufacturer, the 42mm remains in 12 days otherwise.

Amazfit GTR

If we put the clock in “basic mode” that deactivates some of the sensors, the autonomy can reach 56 days in the large model and 34 in the small one. But of course, all this will depend on the use that is given and many factors that influence the day to day. In any case, it has a much greater autonomy than we are used to seeing in smart watches.

Impermeability is another interesting factor in this new Amazfit GTR. The Chinese manufacturer has included protection against water and dust IP68, so in theory resists a dive under water up to 50 meters deep . To use it in swimming is more than enough and we can also use it daily without taking them away because of the worry that it will get wet.

Amazfit GTR

Style and personalization above all

The design seems to prevail in this new Xiaomi smart watch. Amazfit GTR bet on two different sizes of box so that each one chooses the one that best suits your wrist. But there is more. We also have different colors in each model and special belts for each of them.

Amazfit GTR

The 47 mm Amazfit GTR is available in stainless steel (silver), aluminum alloy (black) and titanium (gray). On the other hand the Amazfit GTR of 42 mm comes in black, light pink, silver, coral red and a special edition with details of precious stones in its dial. The straps are made of leather and silicone, depending on the model.

The watch has two side buttons that mimic the crown of traditional watches. One of them is used to “go back” or turn off the clock. The other is a function key for quick access to sports activities or other customizable options.

Speaking of sports, Amazfit GTR presumes to record all the steps and activities that the user performs during the day. It also records the sleep automatically during the night. For specific activities you can use GPS to measure the route with better precision and make a route layout. Finally, the inclusion of NFC is noteworthy , which allows for the inclusion of compatible public transport cards, credit cards and other payment methods.

Amazfit GTR

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR

The Huami Amazfit GTR is currently available on Gearbest for $ 145.99, this is a very good price, don’t miss out on this amazing deal. Get it while stock last.

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