HUO HUO Deep Disinfection Kitchen Knife Holder

HUO HUO Deep Disinfection Kitchen Knife Holder Sold For $36.99 [Coupon]

When we are sad, we go to the kitchen to forget about troubles at work, noisy streets, and chaos in life. We enter the kitchen, take a look at it, and look forward to a great time alone with ourselves. Before us lies a smooth cutting board and a knife stand. And its harmony drives away all negative emotions. Huo Hou found a new solution to fix the knife in the stand and filed it as a utility model patent. You can buy HUOHUO Disinfection Kitchen Knife Holder for $36.99 after using our coupon.

The cover of the stand is made of opposed springy walls that securely grip the blade when setting. Even if the blade is thin and short, the clamps will be able to keep it inside. This system greatly improves the flexibility and comfort of the stand.

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Price without coupon: $39.99
Coupon price: $36.99

Food grade polypropylene

The cover is made of food-grade polypropylene, which has excellent impact and gravity resistance. The material is also heat-resistant. It allows the stand to be disinfected in boiling water. In addition, due to its low moisture permeability, the knife surface remains clean longer.

HUO HUO Deep Disinfection Kitchen Knife Holder

The main body of the HUOHUO Disinfection Kitchen Knife Holder is made of durable and flexible ABS plastic thermoplastic resin. Its smooth mirrored surface refreshes the design of such an everyday piece. The mechanical properties of plastic include a fairly high impact resistance and wear resistance, which keeps the stand from deformation and scratching.

HuoHou has made different widths for blades of any thickness. This allowed not only to maximize the use of space but also to increase the adaptability of the stand to any type of kitchen knives. On the side, there are two additional sections for scissors. According to our measurements, the stand accommodates at least 8 types of knives, for example, for chopping bones and cutting meat, fruits, steaks, a santoku knife, etc.

Collapsible design

The head of the stand is removable so that both parts can be thoroughly rinsed with water. The polypropylene grid is resistant to high temperatures, so it can be disinfected in the dishwasher. The main body made of ABS plastic is polished to a high shine, so it is easy to clean and retains its original appearance for a long time.

HUO HUO Deep Disinfection Kitchen Knife Holder

Modern minimalism style

The rectangular shape looks simple and elegant, while the white color brings the touches of an expensive classic. The matte smooth surface adds dynamism to the understated features.

Friendly recommendations

1. On the side of the grate there are indicators of the thickness of the blade, refer to them when placing the knife in the appropriate compartment.

2. After washing the stand, dry it inside and outside with a dry towel and leave it in a well-ventilated place for a while.

HUO HUO Kitchen Knife Holder Key Features

  • A multifunctional kitchen organizer
  • Perfect for all kinds of slim knives storage
  • Full body washable
  • Food-graded PP material
  • Wide and narrow slot with reasonable structure meets your daily needs.

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