I13 TWS Wireless Earphone now available at just $21.99

I13 TWS wireless headphones are designed to free your hands while listening to your favorite music and other stuff. The model comes in White color and very lightweight to give you the full comfort all the time.

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Furthermore, the set contains a 35 mAh capacity battery which works for 2 hours on the music playing. It takes around 0.5-hour to get the full charge.
The Bluetooth connectivity gives you the freedom to attach it to any of the devices such as smartphone, notebook, tablet, laptop etc. you can also make a phone call while enjoying your favorite music and songs.

Correspondingly, with I13 TWS earphones, you do not need to pick your phone calls by hand and make it easy to talk to your friends and relatives while working on your projects.

Features and Specifications:

Multiple Functionalities

The I13 TWS earphone comes to resolve your multiple problems on a single spot. You can enjoy your favorite music and songs wirelessly along with answering your phone calls simultaneously. The whole operation will proceed very smoothly and you will get exciting moments at the same time.
In addition, the I13 TWS will support voice adjustment, Wechat voice, and play music. You have the option to talk to your friends by dialing a phone number on your smartphone.

Color and design

To make your music world full of thrill and wonders, the I13 TWS will give you a beautiful and compact design with White-colored glossy skin. Similarly, the weight of the headphone is only 0.0350 kg. Therefore, to carry the set is easy and stylish design makes it the product of the new generation.

Wireless Connectivity

Of course, you do need everything wireless and the I13 earphones works wirelessly. Just pull the headphones out of the case and plug them into your ears. No wireless is there to make it a complicated task, and you are ready to enter the world of music by freeing your hands.


The battery of the set is 35 MAh which runs about 2.5 hours on call. Similarly, on a single full charge, you will get 2-hour period on the music playing. The charging time is 0.5 hour. Further, it supports wireless charging that is installed in the case.

Audio Technology

The I13 TWS uses inbuilt DSP noise suppression CVC 6.0 technology to generate clear and wonderful music in all circumstances.


The price of the i13 TWS Wireless Earphone is $21.99 after 10% discount on Gearbest. Click to buy now:

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