ILIFE A7 WIFI APP Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner now for just $249.99

ILIFE A7 WIFI APP Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is now available for purchase.

The A7 WIFI APP Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a great combination of advanced technology and a metal body to provide you with superb and satisfied cleaning results. The product is introduced by ILife to overcome the need for floor sanitation in an innovative way.
Moreover, the vacuum cleaner is an app-based control system, automatic chargeable device and equipped with a two-level high-performance motor with a suction 500Pa/1000Pa. you can easily manage it via multiple controlling modes and its double rolling brushes produce a better cleaning effect.


Consequently, the A7 WIFI APP Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a fully-finalized electronic device to reduce your cleaning efforts entirely.

Features and Specifications:

Design and Color

The automatic vacuum cleaner is a round-shaped device with a new scratch and Black-colored glossy exterior with an upgraded mechanism to enhance the cleaning performance. Further, the size is compact to just (L x W x H): 33.00 x 32.00 x 7.60 cm and weighs at 2.6 kg. The overall is quite impressive and makes a great impression among your home articles.


The inbuilt lithium-ion battery with a power storage capacity of 2600 mAh will provide the base for long-run functioning. Furthermore, the smart vacuum cleaner is self-chargeable. When it feels low battery signal, it will rush to the charging point and absorbs the energy to fit for next session.


CyclonePower Cleaning System

This feature makes it a smart and active vacuum cleaner under the guidelines of the Gen 3 cleaning system. It allows the vacuum cleaner to run efficiently in order to produce the best results in a single round.

Double Rolling Brushes

The double rolling brushes ensure a perfect and clean effect along with the triple-headed side brushes. They perform 170 sweep strokes per minute to maximize the dust pick up. Similarly, there are 5mm floating rolling brushes fully adjustable as per the varying floor heights.


Large Capacity Dustbin

The A7 WIFI APP Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a big dust storage capacity of 600 ml. It will save your time against emptying it after some time. Further, the dustbin is lodged with 3-layer filters to keep the dust in an accurate manner.


Multiple Control Modes

The vacuum cleaner provides multiple control options-Machine Control, Remote Control, and App Control. Therefore, you can easily operate it wirelessly via your smartphone.


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