iMortor C1 Foldable Electric Scooter is now available for just $645.99

the electric scooter industry is growing tremendously with the demand intensification. The Chinese manufacturer iMortor is now serving the users with its lightweight and ergonomic design vehicle called iMortor C1 Foldable Electric Scooter. It comes with unique features to provide you with a comfortable and fun ride.

Furthermore, the iMortor C1 scooter adopts an ultra-lightweight approach with slim body and two-color spray print. The scooter is fully-equipped with the high-tech IPX5 waterproof system.

You will get 16-inch front and 12-inch rear pneumatic wheel for comfortable ride experience. The handlebar installs an LED light to use the vehicle during the night.

Moreover, the iMortor C1 foldable electric scooter adopts EABS+ disc braking system+ electric brake, 350W brushless motor, 25-degree self-climbing angle, a buzzer horn, 9.6Ah battery, 3-speed modes, and some other techniques for improved riding experience.

Features and Specifications

Design and Build

The iMortor C1 electric scooter comes in a foldable design, which looks ergonomic with a lightweight approach. The aluminum alloy material body ensures the strength and gives durability to the vehicle.

Users can choose the White and Red color options, both are highly competitive with gradient and glossy finish. The iMortor C1 scooter embraces an LED light on the handlebar and a red light on the back. Further, it features pneumatic wheels, a disc brake system and anti-slip matte for string foot grip.

Physically, the unfolding size of the iMortor C1 scooter measures at 1250x550x1100-1400mm and weighs 20.5kg.


Further, the iMortor C1 Foldable scooter installs a 12-inch permanent magnetic 350W DC brushless motor to generate the maximum speed of 30 km/h. It also runs the scooter at lower noise as well.


Similarly, the scooter equips a 9.6Ah battery to push the vehicle for up to 40 km.

iMortor C1 Foldable Electric Scooter


The iMortor C1 electric scooter has two pneumatic wheels measuring the front wheel at 16-inch and rear wheel at 12-inch.

Braking System

There is a dual-braking system in the form of the EABS+ disc brake and electric brake. Both are powerful to stuck the scooter at the same point.

Safety Lights

The iMortor C1 scooter has an LED light on the handlebar and a red light on the tail. It allows the users to drive safely all the time with the foldable scooter.

iMortor C1 Foldable Electric Scooter

Additional Features

In addition, the iMortor C1 foldable electric scooter adopts 3 three speed modes, max. 130kg load capacity, a buzzer horn, and non-slip pedals etc.


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