Kospet Prime SE Smartwatch- the cheapest Android based smart watch with long life available for $99.99

The Kospet Prime was one of the standard-sized smartwatches with a long life and just days ago the brand Kospet just released a much cheaper version, the Kospet Prime SE, which currently goes for $99. The difference between both smartwatches is in the hardware. The Kospet Prime SE comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB storage. Fortunately, this is still enough for a smartwatch and it comes with all other features which include: apps can be installed, there is wifi, mobile internet, music playback from home storage, GPS, usable Bluetooth headset, etc.


The Kospet Prime SE inherited the exterior looks of the Kospet Prime, making it a more spectacular smartwatch with a silicone strap and a metal watch, but no more ceramic. It is moderately waterproof and has two physical buttons. You can observe the sides and front of the camera. It weighs 86g.

Contents of the package

  • the clock
  • charging cable
  • User’s Guide


If Android, then obviously the hardware needs to be able to serve, which is true in this case. Of course, the price suggests that Kospet Prime SE does not represent the peak between such hours, but iron is still enough.

  • a quad-core processor, the MTK6739 (up to 1.5GHz). This is essentially a mobile device, e.g. phone chip.
  • 1GB memory (RAM)
  • 16GB storage (ROM)


Because it runs on Android, it can be further smart by installing apps, but it basically knows:

Fitness, Sports & Health Features
Heart Rate, Pedometer, Distance, Meters, GPS, Sports Modes

Phone Features
Insert a SIM card to use as a full-fledged 4G phone

Notification features
Incoming call notifications, App notifications and SMS notifications, Incoming notifications

Health Functions
Movement Reminder

Alarm clock, time, date display, event notifications

Use as phone

This is a 4G capable phone that can be used with nano SIM. This way calls can be made directly from the watch and of course there is 4G mobile internet, so there is Skype, Viber, etc.

Of course, it has a built-in bluetooth, so you can use a headset, a wireless headset.


Initially, not-so-good cameras seem to be being replaced nicely, though not outstanding, but still better cameras in smartwatches. In this case, there are not one but two cameras, one for normal photography (8MP) and one as a selfie camera (2MP) for photography or video calling.

Yeah, and the front-facing camera supports face unlock.


It has its own built-in GPS (GPS / GLONASS / A-GPS), which in itself is a solution for distance measurement and navigation.

Play music

You obviously have your own speaker and internal storage so you can play music on your own or with a bluetooth headset.


The display is a large 1.6 ? touchscreen IPS. Of course, the watch face can be changed and new ones can be downloaded


The most important feature is the exceptionally large 1260mAh battery, which finally eliminates the need to recharge every day, as it is 1.5-2x of the normal capacity, so it will last.


It is powered by Android 7.1.1 based software, there is Google Play, and applications can be installed. He also knows Hungarian, of course.

Software improvements

According to the manufacturer, it uses more hourly solutions that make it easier to use installed (and not optimized for smaller displays) applications.

Where To Buy The Kospet Prime SE Smartwatch

The Kospet Prime SE Smartwatch is currently available on Gearbest for $99.99.

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