Lefant M301 Ultra-thin Lightweight Robot Vacuum Cleaner Offered for $163.98

In recent years, with the increasing attention of wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners and the low performance of some vacuum robots, the heat of vacuum robots seems to be somewhat weakened. Many people feel that vacuum robot. The Lefant M301 Ultra-thin Lightweight Robot Vacuum is a 2-in-1 model that offers nice balance features, performance, and price. It has wifi connectivity, good performance, and a large dust bin or separate water reservoir (for mopping).

Unstoppable power.

1200 Pa of suction power to eliminates pet hair, dust, and allergens. 110 minutes of battery life clean entire apartments on a single charge. Maximize suction or battery performance with 3 power settings.

No supervision required

Rubberized wheels roll over carpets and ledges effortlessly without getting stuck. Slim design profile slides underneath cramped areas like sofas and beds.

Family and baby-approved

Silent even when working at maximum power. HEPA filter prevents microscopic allergens from spreading in the air. Mops without any puddles or danger for children and the elderly.

Saves time. Saves money

Hyper-efficient mapping cuts your electricity usage, while scheduled routine saves nearly 200 hours of cleaning each year. Spend less time sweeping and mopping, and more time with your loved ones. It is equipped with an obstacle sensor, which has an infrared sensor that prevents collision with obstacles and a function to prevent falling

Takes great care of your home

Leaves zero trace on all floors, including hardwood, linoleum, and tiles. Anti-collision sensors protect furniture from knocks and scratches.

Leaves no corner untouched

Patented 3-stage cleaning system switches between auto, spot and edge mode for a complete, professional clean in every nook and cranny.

You’re always in charge

Choose your preferred suction power. Start and schedule cleaning whenever and wherever. The choice is yours with the remote control and iOS/Android mobile app.

Main Features

  • Only one button is activated, the automatic mode is automatically cleaned, and the operation is simple. For beginners, children, and the elderly, it is easy to use
  • After cleaning for 10 minutes with the bow specification, switch to the random mode for cleaning
  • Two long side brushes, two-stage cleaning system, 1200pa strong suction, clean the room
  • Tiny garbage, dirty, hair, catching the pet’s hair, dust, can be effectively cleaned
  • It is equipped with an obstacle sensor, which has an infrared sensor that prevents collision with obstacles and a function to prevent falling
  • With an integrated design, the cleaning robot has a lower failure rate, higher durability, and longer service life than previous cleaning robots
  • The optimized internal airflow structure achieves simultaneous motion due to its strong appeal, and the sound becomes quieter and does not interfere with the child’s sleep time and cannot be used
  • The ultra-thin design can be cleaned even in places such as sofas, beds, and furniture that you can’t reach
  • Equipped with 2600mAh large-capacity Li-ion battery, it can be charged for about 5 hours at full load and can be cleaned continuously for about 120min, and the cleaning area can reach about 150 square meters
  • Automatically detect balconies, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. that is lower than the room. Prevent one from entering
  • Avoid charging cables, wires, etc. that fall off the ground to solve the problem of entanglement
  • The built-in gyroscope is used to check the tilt of the body to prevent the seat when climbing a chair or a threshold
  • Because it is equipped with a high-precision anti-drop sensor, it must be cleaned in places where there are steps such as steps. After detecting the step, return to the new cleaning path
  • A large-capacity container with a capacity of 600ml throws garbage twice a month and does not turn into continuous trouble
  • Equipped with HEPA filter to effectively filter waste and dust

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