Moyu Foldable Washing Machine Sold Only For $110.99 [Coupon]

The Moyu Foldable Washing Machine is a washing machine from Xiaomi Eco-system brand. It not only realizes “no footprint” and “low consumption” approaches, but can also be folded into the suitcase and you can take it with you when traveling by car. At the moment, this foldable washing machine is sold only for $110.99 after using our coupon.

Coupon code: BGCZMY3
Price without discount: $799.99
Discount price: $509.00

Moyu Foldable Washing Machine Design

The folding washing machine is available in gray and pink colors. When unfolded, the height is 29.2 cm. But when folded, it is only 9.4 cm. This is a good tool for small rental houses. For ordinary families, it is not bad to take the intimate clothes out of the big washing machine and use this little guy’s “special clothes” alone. The material of the folding part is made of organic silicon integration. According to the company, it can be folded 6000 times. It is durable and reliable. The switch gear key is waterproof and touch-sensitive. It has a leather bucket cover with a good texture.

Moyu Foldable Washing Machine Performance

As a washing machine, it is really “small but not weak”. For example, the bottom wheel rotates alternately and washes clothes gently. You can set 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. It also supports 60° high temperature soaking and washing. There are two other drainage methods, the details can withstand scrutiny. The washing machine has its own handle, which is usually put away when used. It can be seen from the side that its axis of rotation is moving at an angle of about 120°.

The whole machine is not heavy and can be held by an adult with one hand. In fact, a button position is designed on the back to facilitate vertical carrying instead of holding it. There are four small gray circular silicone suction cups and a drain pipe at the bottom. Don’t underestimate these four suction cups, because the dial inside the washing machine mobilizes the water flow. The clothes are running, the whole process of natural vibration and swing, the suction cups firmly grasp the ground to ensure stability.

The design of this drain pipe is also very elegant. Generally, it does not matter whether the pipe is stored in the default slot. If you change to this “shortcut” during use, you can extend the nozzle so that it can be easily discharged into the sewer.

Moyu Foldable Washing Machine Key Features

  • Ultraviolet Sterilization
  • Portable Folding
  • Waterproof Touch Button
  • Powerful Suction
  • 2 in 1 Function:Washing and Sterilization

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