Mijia Sneakers 3

New version of Xiaomi Mijia 3 Sneakers Got Huge Discount

Xiaomi released the new branded Mijia Sneaker 3 sneakers. In the production of their soles, the new Uni-Mounding 2.0 manufacturing process is used, which provides reliable pressing of six different materials.
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From the previous generation Mijia sneakers, this differs very little. Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 3 has a similar look due to the skeleton on the sides. But changes in design are noticeable.

Mijia Sneakers 3

However, it freezes a bit that they do not have a cut-out for a smart chip. We know about that feature from the first generation of Xiaomi sneakers.


The sneakers are available in three colors: black, white and dark red. All colors have an interesting pattern on them and in combination with various materials they look original from other common sneakers.

They have moved mainly on the technological side. The manufacturer claims that they used the improved one Uni-molding technology 2.0. It combines all kinds of materials into one piece. That is strong and durable. Wet or demanding terrain is no obstacle for them.

Thanks to the special production process, the sneakers look much better and more beautiful than with the classic glue. Thanks to the combination of up to 6 materials, they have much better properties.

Mijia Sneakers 3

Uni-molding 2.0 should also help better foot stability. contain 360 ° shock absorption system, based on 10 connected parts on the sides of the sneaker.

Compared to the previous generation, runners, especially people who use them for hikes or longer walks, will feel the differences. Of course, if you buy sneakers just for casual wear, the design is also interesting.

More reliable fixation

The layers of the sole are separate using a thin polyurethane film. That guarantees a more reliable fixation without an adhesive base. The use of this technology allows the sole to maintain its shock-absorbing properties during any training.

In addition, in the new sneakers used an improved “fish skeleton”, familiar from the models Mijia 2 Fishbone and Xiaomi Light Weight Sneakers . In Mijia Sports Sneakers 3, all 10 stiffeners are interconnected. This structure allows the shoe to maintain its shape and fit the foot tight, providing reliable fixation of the foot.

The top of the sneakers is made of a seamless highly elastic material of coarse knitting. We know this fabric by high strength and wear resistance. The lacing area is supplemented with reflective inserts for safe jogging in the dark. You can wash them directly in the machine.

Xiaomi Mijia 3 Sneakers Key Features

  • you can wash Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 3 in the washing machine.
  • Sensitive and quick. Dynamic cushioning. Slow cushioning and comfort.
  • Popcorn cloud + FREE FORCE composite midsole, dynamic adaptation, stable running.
  • Uni-Moulding 2.0 integrated molding process.
  • PU stable support, reduce sports injuries.

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