Nitecore CI7 White & Infrared Ir Tactical Flashlight Now For $84.99 [Coupon]

Why is the Nitecore CI7 linked to Chameleon? I believe that all users will also have such doubts. Indeed, before touching it, I was also full of curiosity. Your doubts will only be revealed when you use the lamp. OK, let’s to witness the newcomer of the Nitecore family-CI7, which we offer you to buy for $ 84.99 with the coupon (code: BGCI7).

Nitecore CI7

The Nitecore CI7 includes the flashlight body, adjustable hand strap, spare silicone waterproof ring, holding clip. The latter has a NL1835HP high-performance 8A3500mAh lithium battery, and flashlight cover.

Let’s take a look at the Nitecore CI7 body first

The diameter of the lamp cylinder is 26mm, the diameter of the cap is 40mm, and the length is 148.2mm. Therefore, the device looks like it has a top-heavy feel. The lamp cap is the core component, and the weight is actually not large. This product includes 158g with the battery.

The core components of the lamp holder are 4 XP-G3 S3 white LEDs from CREE company.  The machine total luminous flux reaches 2500lm, the most the long exposure distance is 279 meters, and the service life is up to 50,000 hours.

Nitecore CI7

Pull up the lamp head and turn it clockwise to convert to IR infrared light mode. This is 4 high-power SST-10-IR LEDs with a wavelength of 940nm. It should be noted that when the power is turned on, it is invisible light, but it must be avoided the glasses look directly at the light source.

The front and back ends of the CI7 lamp head are designed with ring-shaped cooling fins, and the foremost end is a sawtooth attack head design. The lamp cup uses crystal bright electroplating technology. The color of the light source projected inside is very uniform, and the four cups are golden. With four high-performance LEDs, the maximum projection distance is 279 meters.

Nitecore CI7

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