PUPPYOO T10 Home Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Offered for $249.99

The Puppyoo T10 Home can meet all your cleaning needs. Simply switch the heads when cleaning between your carpets, floors, beds, sofas, furniture, keyboards, or even cars. One machine solves all your needs! With a quiet and powerful brushless motor that boasts up to 115,000 rpm, the T10 Home cordless vacuum delivers robust suction power for up to 58 minutes. It weighs at just over 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds) for a swift and easy cleaning under couches and in corners. It’s your best choice for home cleaning.

T10 offers a powerful cleaning performance with a brushless motor spins up to 115,000 rpm, it has the ability to function as both a handheld and stick vacuum, allowing users to clean a variety of areas. With the Straight Wind Trajectory Design, T10 suction power reaches 250 watts, an increase of 15% than the previous vacuums. With a 0.55 L large dust chamber with HEPA filter, T10 will help you to remove mites, pollen, and allergens from your home. It helps to relieve the reaction of Allergies. The HEPA filter can be cleaned with the small brush supplied.

This lightweight cordless vacuum takes only 2.5 hours to charge fully. The battery gives you about 58 minutes of vacuuming time in normal mode for a space of 3800 square ft (400 square meters), and 15 minutes in maximum mode. T10 Home’s main machine weights only 3.3 pounds / 1.5 kg. The lightweight makes it easy to maneuver, both on the ground and when reaching above your head to suck up those ceiling cobwebs or curtains.

Comes with Built-in LED sensor light automatically illuminates any dark corners to allow you to clean at night and get the blind spots under the furniture. The low angle lights help you detect dust easier to you can clean better. With the magnetic wall mount and charger, T10 can be docked and charged all while being lifted above the ground and out of the way.

With its fast charging charger, fully charge the T10 Home in just 2.5 hours. Its modular device comes with a variety of attachments that optimize it for various cleaning tasks. Simply click and lock to switch between roller heads, you can use T10 to clean all kinds of surface.

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