QICYCLE 12-inch Wheels Children Bicycle now for just $226.75

QICYCLE 12-inch Wheels Children Bicycle is a fully comfortable and customizable bike for children with a height of 90 to 110 cm. It will give a fabulous learning experience and teach the children to make balance in sports in an easy way. Further, you have two color options to choose from-Bee Yellow and Deep Blue.

Qicycle 12 inch children

The Qicycle has designed the children learning bike with full aluminum alloy rust-resistant and ultra-light body with excellent chain design and handle cover. The weight is just 6.9 kg to make the bicycle light and smooth for the kids. Overall, the QICYCLE Children Bicycle is the most suitable and convenient for kids to ride on the roads, parks, or garden etc.

Features and Specifications:

Design and Color

The QICYCLE 12-inch wheels Children Bicycle is crafted by professionals with ergonomic design and lightweight specialty. Furthermore, the cycle presents round and lovely appearance which adds further excitement to the drive. The aluminum alloy body is decorated with Bee Yellow and Deep Blue color to make it a stylish and eye-catching device. In addition, you can also add side-tires to give a proper balance to the newly introduced children.

Qicycle 12 inch children

12-Inch Inflatable Rubber-Tires

Along with, the adjustable bicycle contains 12-inch rudder inflatable and fully-enclosed wheels for better and safer riding. It will prevent pinching and deliver you a worry-free journey all the way.

Fully-Covered Chain System

To ensure the injury-free and smooth riding, the manufacturer has provided it with a fully-covered chain system. You never need to worry about the pedal circulation. The chain cover will protect you from skin scratching and creates a noise-free environment to learn the riding.

Qicycle 12 inch children

Adjustable Saddle Cushion

The seat is also adjustable of the QICYCLE Children Bicycle. You can easily increase or decrease its height (from 342 mm to 372 mm) as per the children Comfortability. Moreover, the invisible handle is placed under the seat to enable it for easy carrying.

QICYCLE 12-inch Wheels Children Bicycle Anti-Slid Handle

The anti-skid brake handle is comfortable, sensitive and provide soft experience to the hands. It will ensure a firm grip and amazing braking system with the one-piece foam handlebar. Similarly, the QICYCLE 12-inch Wheels Children Bicycle does not have a sharp edge which provides a smooth and lovely contact with hands.

Qicycle 12 inch children

Simple Mode Conversion

By following just a few simple steps, you can easily switch between bike and slide bike. The original car body will not change to ensure the safety of the vehicle in multiple directions.


The QICYCLE Children Bicycle is available for $226.75 on Gearbest. Click to buy now:

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