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Redmi 9 Smartphone With Helio G80 Offered for $114.00 [Coupon]

The Redmi 9 first released with the MediaTek Helio G80 in China. Most people may still be stuck with MediaTek’s chips a few years ago. But in fact, we are dealing with an entry-level machine tat scores almost two times higher than the previous flagship processor. It’s almost the same as the Snapdragon 835 on the Mi 6. Thus, the processor threshold of entry-level models is now much higher. At the moment, this smartphone is sold only for $114.00 after using our coupon.

Coupon code: BG9R932
Price without coupon: $149.00
Coupon price: $114.00

Redmi 9 Design

This phone is designed with a plastic body. In terms of weight, even if it uses a 5020mah super battery, it still only has 198g, which is pretty good. The texture on the back is very interesting, and it has a matte texture from a distance. But in fact, looking up closer, you can find that the design idea is quite special. The camera is slightly protruding, and the outside of the camera has a concentric circle pattern. The Redmi 9 has four colors, including the gentle and elegant “Lotus Root Powder”, the youthful “Mo Daiqing”, the quiet and deep “Carbon Black” and the gorgeous and psychedelic “Neon Blue”.

At the same time, because the plastic material is more skin-friendly, it feels very comfortable to the touch, and it will not stick to fingerprints and prevent slippage. From the overall design perspective, the Redmi 9 continues Redmi’s consistent high quality. The four corners are reinforced and the whole machine is more smashing. It has passed the same factory test standards as the flagship machine, and the five-star quality is guaranteed.

Redmi 9 Screen

In terms of screen, it is a bright spot for the Redmi 9. The phone comes with a 6.53-inch 1080P LCD screen. It still supports 60Hz. When the screen is turned on, the edges of the text are sharp, the image is clear and subtle. And there is no graininess at close up. This true and delicate picture will cause a high degree of comfort for the eyes.

The maximum brightness of this screen is 400 units, and it can barely meet the viewing needs when viewed under strong light. Compared with the 720 screen of the same price, the display quality is improved by naked eyes.

Redmi 9 Camera

The Redmi 9 has the rare full-scene AI four-camera at the same price – 13 megapixel ultra-clear main camera + ultra wide-angle + macro + portrait depth of field lenses.

Although it is unable to break through the cost constraints in terms of imaging quality, the phone uses a gameplay expansion idea to greatly expand the functions and gameplay of photography. It not only guarantees the cost but also brings more shooting gameplay to users. It provides features such as AI camera and magic sky change, providing a certain degree of playability.

In addition, the more interesting AI magic kaleidoscope can produce unique movie special effects. Using ultra-fresh deconstruction perspectives, it can construct a gorgeous kaleidoscope multidimensional world, and create extraordinary stories in the ordinary world.

Redmi 9 Battery

Long battery life has always been the main selling point of Redmi’s digital series. This time, the Redmi 9 is still powerful. It is equipped with a large 5020mAh battery. Moreover, it can be used for 27.9 days of continuous standby, broadcast 24 episodes of TV series, and listen to 3640 songs. Actual experience of daily use is for two days. So there is no problem at all with charging. In addition, it also supports 18-watt fast charging.

There are still 60% of entry phones that only support 2.4G single-band WiFi, while the Redmi 9 supports dual-band WiFi.

Redmi 9 Key Features

  • 6.53 inch Full HD + display,1080p resolution, Eye protection.
  • Helio G80 processor, More power for your enjoyment.
  • 5020mAh (Typ) high-capacity battery
  • New fresh look express your style.
  • Rear fingerprint sensor + AI Face Unlock

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We find the offer compilation about this product on Gizcoupon, the best price is $114.00. [Coupon Code: BG9R932] If the deal has expired, please go to Gizcoupon to view the latest offer for this product.

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