Buy The Roborock S6 LDS Scanning SLAM Algorithm Robot Vacuum Cleaner For $589.99(Coupon)

The new Roborock S6 robot vacuum is the natural successor in the Roborock product line, China’s most popular robot vacuum. At Roborock, the brand has always been committed to developing industry-leading cleaners, while keeping costs below competitive devices with the same capabilities. The S6 comes (naturally) after the S5, a powerfully intelligent autonomous cleaner with vacuuming and mopping features. To build the Roborock S6, we designed improvements on the foundation of great work already market tested with the S5. Here’s four of the fundamental ways we improved upon a device we were already very proud to bring to market.

Faster cleaning

The key to an efficient robot cleaner isn’t in the hardware, it’s in the algorithm it uses to understand and navigate a home. We’ve upgraded the algorithmic thinking of the Roborock S6 to make even better sense of the space you live in. It understands the shape of each room in your home and, after making its way around the perimeter, breaks the room into sections that it cleans in a methodical zigzag pattern This measured approach covers the most area in the least amount of time, both saving battery life and getting the job done up to 20% faster than the Roborock S5.

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Main Features:

  • Brand new AI mapping tech 1.0, upgraded algorithms thatCalculate the quickest way to clean each room, 20% faster than Roborock S5
  • Automatically identify rooms, One-click clean a room or set schedules for each room
  • 2 in 1 sweeping and mopping, bionic 140ml tank with adjustable water volume
  • Mabuchi motor provides 2000pa strong suction, Keeps dust from hiding
  • LDS lidar scanning and SLAM algorithm for drawing accurate maps, S-shaped cleaning with no missed spot
  • Easy to use App, place virtual no-go zones / barriers or clean a specific area
  • Disposable mopping rag, throw away after use, no dirty hands
  • Detachable main brush for easier hair removal, quality bristles by DuPont, 230% denser than ordinary ones
  • 6 cliff sensor and 2cm obstacle climbing, suitable for complex terrain
  • Equipped with noise reduction air screen and silencer cotton, 50% quieter Than the already quiet Roborock S5
  • Long-lasting 5200mAh battery and 480ml big dust box, continuous cleaning for 150 minutes, cover 250 square meters

Breathtaking suction

Powerful suction that can lift AA batteries pulls dirt and pet hair off wooden floors as easily as it dredges it up out of carpets. Created by a fan spinning at 1500rpm and channeled through advanced airflow systems, S6 suction is effectively constant. Even when the dustbin is full. That makes this possibly the best robot vacuum for picking up after your pets or kids.
A brand-new cleaning brush has boosted bristle density by 250%. And the bristles are softer too. Even when spinning at 1350rpm it is soft on your floors but hard on dust.

Selective cleaning

Not only does the Roborock S6 understand the rooms in your home, it remembers them for next time as well. This means you can tell it to only clean a specific room or ask it not to clean a room on any particular day. You can even schedule certain rooms for cleaning at different times of day, or on a different frequency. Want the cereal cleaned up in the kitchen every morning? We’ve got you covered. You can also set up areas within a room for the vacuum to avoid. Is your desk always a mess of cables? Or maybe you’d like it to leave your dogs water bowl alone while you’re at work, to ensure there’s always something for your furry friend to drink? All this is possible with the smarter S6.

Sense, avoid, and more

While S6 roams your home, you can relax. A massive sensor array with an accelerometer, odometer, infra-red cliff sensors, compass, and more (14 sensor types in all) give it 360° of sensing. This powers its navigation, stops it from falling, helps it avoid getting trapped, and keeps your home décor safe.

50% quieter

Even though we poured lots of effort into noise reduction for the Roborock S5, it still does make some noise when you run it—it is a vacuum after all. Well, we’ve remained committed to improvement on this front with the Roborock S6. A lot of improvement in fact. The S6 runs with half of the noise and all the powerful suction of the S6. You no longer need to plan to run it while you’re out of the house, now you can set it and forget it every day. Just set up a cleaning schedule and you won’t even know that it’s cleaning until you see it roaming around the house.

Softer denser bristles

At the end of the day, a vacuum is all about suction and brush power. Brushes pull the dirt our of thick carpet and sweep the dust out of corners, the are key to any vacuum design and ours are no exception. That’s why we increased bristle density by 250%, while keeping those bristles soft and flexible. This increases brush performance and ensures a gentle touch on your floors. Sometimes it’s the most basic component on a piece of equipment that can make the difference between loving it or not. You should learn about the brush on any vacuum before buying it.

Drop invisible walls

Keep S6 from things you want to protect, without messing around with magnetic strips. All you need to do is drop a virtual barrier or draw a no-go zone in the app2 and you’re good to go. Virtual barriers and no-go zones can be as small as 1.3ft (0.4m) and as large as 33ft (10m). Use them to protect everything from small vases to entire rooms.

Coupon Code: GB-APRBS6

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