Samebike JG20 Folding Electric Bicycle now available for just $699.99

The Chinese electric bicycle brand Samebike introduced its next product naming JG-20. It is a folding electric bicycle with an adjustable handlebar and seat to be comfortable for all aged drivers. Further, the Samebike JG20 Folding Electric Bicycle comes in three colour options – Blue, White and Black.

The Bicycle is a daily-use product we need at our home. Accordingly, the company has invested time and resources to produce a fully-featured vehicle for short to medium travelling distances. It is housed with a 250W motor, which can generate a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

samebike jg20

Moreover, the Samebike JG20 Electric Bicycle holds a 2000 mAh 8Ah battery, 25-degree maximum gradeability, 20-inch tires, High Carbon Steel material and disk brake system.

Samebike JG20 Features and Specifications

Design and Colour

At prima facie, the Samebike JG20 Folding Electric Bicycle looks sturdy with a load-bearing capacity of 120kg. The body is manufactured of aluminum alloy shell and High Carbon Steel material and assigns an exquisite personality.

Further, it has an easy foldable and dual-disc brake design with an LED headlight in the front. There are light reflectors in both the wheels along with an adjustable handlebar and cushion. In addition, it adopts 153.00 x 58.00 x 112.00 cm physical dimensions and 28kg of weight.

Samebike JG20 Wheels

Both the front and the rear wheels are inflatable with 20-inch size and made of rigid rubber. Similarly, the tires also include a disk braking system in each of them.


The Samebike JG20 Bicycle has a 250W motor to touch the maximum speed up to 30 km/h and supports 25-degree of surface gradeability.


Moreover, the JG20 Electric Bicycle contains a 2000 mAh 8Ah/36V battery. You will get 30 km mileage on pure electric mode and 50 km on moped mode. The battery rated power is 288W and it takes 4 hours to charge fully.


Most importantly, the Samebike Folding Bicycle is safe to use at night. It attains an LED headlight near the handlebar to pave the way at night. Also, there are reflector lights in the wheels to avoid any mishap during the night time.

Additional Features

Besides, the Samebike Bicycle has various features like dual-disc braking system, 120kg of maximum load-bearing capacity, 110-240V input voltage, adjustable seat and handlebar for different heights of people, and some others.

Samebike JG20 Price

The cost of the Samebike JG20 Folding Electric Bicycle is $699.99 on the Gearbest after a 14% discount. Click to buy now:

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