Snore Circle Smart Anti Snoring Device now for just $99.99

Snoring is an irritating habit or disease for not only snorer but other people also. But in this short review article, we have a discussion point, the Snore Circle YA4100 Smart Anti-Snoring Device in the centre. It is an app-based and Bluetooth-enabled smart equipment helpful to avoid snoring and gives you quality and healthy sleep.

The Snore Circle YA4100 works on some technical prospects like smart recognition technology and intelligent voice snore voice analysis. It further adds smart electronic muscle stimulator to detect and collect the snoring data.

Snore Circle Smart Anti Snoring Device

Similarly, the YA4100 Anti-Snoring device is fully compatible with the Android 4.3 and IOS 7.0 or above. Hence, you can manage it through your smartphone very conveniently to obtain the desired results.

Furthermore, the smart anti-snoring device is made of ABS and PC material to give you a comfortable wearing during your sleep.

Features and Specifications of the Snore Circle Smart Anti Snoring Device

Build and Color

Starting from the physical structure, the Snore Circle Smart Anti Snoring Device is constituted of an ABS and PC material to give you a classic design with a black color approach.

Furthermore, the smart anti-snoring device concludes ABS and PET and medical-grade conductive strips and replaceable batteries. The body is designed by experts to ensure full-night wearing under the chin.

Snore Circle Smart Anti Snoring Device

Physically, the Snore Circle YA4100 measures 25.5×40.5x13mm and it weighs only 10g.

Smart Recognition Technology

The Snore Circle Smart installs advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies. It works to identify snoring sound precisely and stimulate the respiratory muscles for better and healthy sleep.


Interestingly, the Snore Circle YA4100 machine can be controlled through a smartphone using the Bluetooth technology. Similarly, you can control the anti-snoring device to adjust working modes through a special app.

Snore Circle Smart Anti Snoring Device

Personalized Functionality

Technically, the Snore Circle equips 36-level physical intervention either automatic or controlled. Therefore, it will prevent the snoring of a slight snorer or a severe noisemaker. Users can also adjust the intensity and sensitivity of physical intervention using a mobile app.

Smart Working Principles

As per the slight pulse (10Hz to 60Hz) drawn by the machine, users can stimulate the contraction of throat muscles to adjust the breathing state. Ultimately, it will stop snoring or reduce snoring to improve sleep quality.


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