Spring Sales On Banggood: Xiaomi Products Got Huge Discounts

Best smartphone deals of OnePlus and Xiaomi

The OnePlus 9 series models were announced just recently. So it’s logical the online stores will reduce the prices of the existing models in order to free space for the upcoming handsets. Moreover, the new Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro line handsets will hit the market on March 19. So the current models should be discounted as well, otherwise, they won’t be able to make competition. Banggood realizes this very well. And it has already launched an interesting campaign offering OnePlus, Xiaomi (Redmi and POCO) and Asus phones at discounted prices.

As you know, OnePlus launches two flagship series – one for the first half of the year and the another for the second half. In this regard, the OP9 is a flagship line for the first half of 2021. Thus, you can get your hands on the OnePlus 8 and Pro smartphones for discounted prices now. After using the coupon (code: BG3SSYB88), you can acquire the OP8 5G Global version for only $489. If you don’t manage to use it in time, there is another coupon (code: BG3SSYB8P8) that will allows you to buy this phone for $659.

However, if you want to buy the Pro model, there is another coupon (code: BGSSYB8P12). Once applied, the OnePlus 8 Pro will become available for $749.

Fresher models from this brand, the OnePlus 8T with 8GB + 128GB and 12GB + 256GB storage options cost $509 and $579 after applying the coupons (code: BG3SSYB8T8) and (code: BG3SSYB8T12), respectively.

Well, as for the Redmi and Poco phones, the much-popular Redmi Note 8 Pro is available for $169.99 if using the coupon (code: BGXLN8P). At the same time, the Redmi Note 9 (3GB + 32GB and 3GB + 64GB, respectively) can be yours for $99.99 (code: BGXLR93) or for $125 (code: BGXLN93EU). If you want larger storage variants, the phone’s 4GB + 64GB is $109.99 and the 4GB + 128GB is $145.99. The Poco X3 with a 64GB storage is available for $199 (code: BGXLX364), while the 128GB model costs $269 (code: BGXLX3128). The Poco M3’s 64GB model costs $119.99 (code: BGXLPM364) and the 128GB variant comes at $139.99 (code: BGXLPM3128).

As a bonus, you can acquire the Asus ZenFone 7 for $539 with a coupon (code: BG3SSYBZF7).

Best Xiaomi brand deals

The latest version of the Mijia sneakers are now available for $53.99. You have to use the coupon (code: BGMJM3) to get them for this price. Moreover, if you like sports, the first-gen Xiaomi Mijia walking pad can be yours for $429.99 (code: BGMJWP3).

Recently, both Xiaomi and Redmi entered the large-screen monitors field launching corresponding products. Now, the Xiaomi curved gaming monitor 34-inch is available for $465.99 (code: BGCZ959), but if you want something cheaper, the Redmi gaming monitor 23.8-inch is sold for $129.99 (code: BGCZ708) and the Xiaomi 23.8-inch monitor can become yours for $134.99 (code: BGCZ798).

The last set of deals from the Xiaomi brand refers to the laser projectors. The one coming our way from Wemax is available at $1659.99 (code: BGWM011). But if you don’t want to spend too much, there is the new Mijia projector at $999.99 (code: BGCZ758) and the portable Mijia projector at $389.99 (code: BGCZ557).

Best Home Appliances Deals

As for smart home appliances, there are tons of useful products offered for hugely discounted prices. But we have separated a few products.

Say, one of the best products coming our way from Mijia is the foaming soap dispenser that now costs $17.99 (code: BGSOAPCZCN). Another quite useful product is the Smartmi multifunctional smart toilet seat, which now costs $179.99 after applying the coupon (code: BGSMTMICN).

Moreover, we also found that the much-popular Mijia sweeping robot 1S is available for $279.99 (code: BGCZSPXMS). But if you prefer handheld vacuum cleaner, there is a coupon (code: BGCZSCDXMU) for the Mijia handheld cleaner to get for $66.99.

At last, we would like to introduce the Xiaomi 100W soundbar, which also comes with a 6.5-inch subwoofer. Now, it costs $159.99 if using the coupon (code: BGCZDERXM).

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