VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor now for just $571.51

VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor is an electronic remote controller device to manage the kitchen waste in a better and healthy way. The body is made up of stainless steel material and low noise motor.

It is fully capable of processing all types of kitchen waste materials like egg shells, fruits shells, vegetable waste or even hard chicken bones etc. Now, no need to kept them in the kitchen or dustbin.

In addition, the garbage disposal machine has a 4-level grinder to convert the kitchen waste into liquid and then make the flow easy from the sink. The VIOMI Waste Processor has the storage capacity of 1290 ml to clean the waste more efficiently.

The processor also has 4 sharp blades to make the grinding process easy, fast and better. Overall, VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor is a perfect solution to manage all types of kitchen wastages in a reliable and efficient manner.

Features and Specifications:

Design and Color

The VIOMI has developed superfine quality equipment to process the kitchen wastage in an innovative way. The device is a round-shaped body of 304 stainless steel to ensure corrosion resistance.

The Black color illustrates the hygienic and shining surface that elaborates the waste processor as a mixture of beauty and toughness. It weighs at 9.5 kg and can be operated via remote controller.

VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor

Level 4 Grinding Cutter

The VIOMI Waste Processor comes with a level-4 grinding cutter disc to make the wastage flow of water. It will not block your pipes and avoids leakages and other problems.

AC Induction Motor

Furthermore, the processor uses the AC induction motor with super torque and law point snap lock. It can work up to 480 rpm speed with reversal mode to make the grinding process easy and fast.

Double Switch Mode

You have two options to start the VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor – Remote controller button and Air switch. It makes it easy and convenient to operate.

Waste Chamber Capacity

Similarly, the VIOMI Waste Processor has the waste storage capacity of 1290 ml to accommodate more and to ensure high-level performance with efficient cleaning.

VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor

Other Features

In addition, the VIOMI Waste Processor can process multiple kitchen waste objects like egg shells, fruit peels, ribs, chicken bones, vegetables etc. 90mm Interface Size, 220V Voltage, 50HZ Frequency, and rated power is 650W.


The VIOMI Kitchen Waste Processor will cost at $571.51 on Gearbest. Click to buy now:

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